Two new board members

09 January 2023

Since the Mary Foundation was founded in 2007, two women have had a significant impact in the leading board. Those to women are Caroline Heering and Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack.

Now, the foundation has welcomed two new boar members Management and Communication consultant Andreas Gylling Æbelø and Professer Vibeke Koushede They will carry on the good work done by Caroline and Ulla, who are now, no longer part of the Mary Foundation's board of directors.

Crown Princess Mary expressed her gratitude towards Caroline Heeing and Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack for their hard work and warmly welcomed the two new board members. 

"I am incredibly happy to be able to welcome Andreas and Vibeke to the Mary Foundation's board. With them on board, the board's competencies within analysis, research and strategic communication will be further strengthened." - Crown Princess Mary

Not sure, I am that big a fan of her outfit but I like the sense of a super casual look. The principal of a colourful blazer, a plain blouse and simple trousers are incredible and really easy to try yourself. 

It does not happen very often that I am not able to identify, what Mary is wearing. This time is one of the few. I do not recognize having seen either blouse or blazer before. Red and grey are not a bad colourmatch. Even though, these two shades of red and grey are not the best.

I truly like how she styled the outfit with that belt. It looks great with the blazer and golden jewellery. I feel, we have seen the two necklaces before, but that quality of the photo makes it hard for me to identify them with certainty. The earrings as well.

Identifying this outfit has not been easy. I know that her glasses are from Gucci and the delicate 'F' necklace is from Halberstadt.


Glasses ● Gucci, here

Necklace ● Halberstadt, here


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