Princess Isabella's confirmation

30 April

A day ahead of the confirmation, the Crown Prince Couple shared a few words on social media. These were accompanied by a series of photos - some of them never seen before. The photos show the life of a newborn princess to a young woman (here).

The ceremony took place in Fredensborg Castle Church. Before the confirmation ceremony, new official photos were taken by Princess Isabella. The photographer is Franne Voigt. He is also the master behind the other official photos taken after the church ceremony.

The confirmation was about to start at noon. Princess Isabella was warmly (!) welcomed by her grandmother Queen Margrethe at Fredensborg Castle Church. She took the walk from the castle to the church accompanied by the rest of her family - parents, brothers and younger sister.

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, their two children Prince Henrik and Princess Athena also attended the confirmation. Prince Nicolai and Prince Felix attended their cousins big day. So did her godparents: Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Her Royal Highness Princess Alexia of Greece, Dr. Nadine Johnston, chief physician, Christian Buchwald, director, major Peter Heering and chamberlain Marie Louise Skeel.

The following party took place at Fredensborg Castle. Some of her friends were also invited to celebrate the very special day. 

KongehusetKongehusetKongehusetKongehusetKongehusetGetty ImagesUFO No More ● Frederik et Mary ● Frederik et Mary ● Frederik et Mary ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet -● Billed Bladet

Princess Isabella looked absolutely stunning in her off-white suit, which by the way, is from her mother's clothes. Mary has worn this lovely suit on a number of occasions. Like in 2017, when Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Copenhagen (here) and in 2019 on a visit in South Korea (here). Impressive how different the same suit can look on two different woman. Read more about Princess Isabella's outfit here.

Mary was as beautiful as her daughter. Just look at that bright and shiny dress! I had no idea what to look forward to. Somehow, I though she would be wearing something old with a new hairpieces are other new accessories. That was, in a way, correct. UFO No More quickly identified Mary's new coral coloured dress as Andrew GN - a new designer in Mary's wardrobe. The colour is so pretty. Maybe the belt is a little too much with the rest of the accessories. What do you think?

The proud mother embraced the style by wearing a newly birthday present. She was gifted with these incredible emerald green earrings. They were a present from her mother-in-law on occasion of her 50th birthday a couple of months ago. It comes with a brooch as well. It belonged to, among others, Queen Ingrid.

UFO No More also managed to identify Mary's brand new clutch. It is from Serpui Charlotte. The clutch was a great match to the dress and nude Prada pointed pumps and, of course, that brand new hairpiece. A piece we still need to identify. So, the overall conclusion? I absolutely love Mary's outfit at confirmation.


Dress ● Andrew GN, here

Earrings ● Birthday present from Queen Margrethe

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Clutch ● Serpui Charlotte, here

Shoes ● Prada, here


  1. Merci pour votre article qui est comme toujours agréable à lire et bien informé!
    Pour ma part, je me suis amusée quand je me suis rendue compte que la princesse héritière était en rose et la Reine en bleu et blanc...alors que pour la confirmation de Christian, Mary était en bleu et blanc et la Reine en rose!
    Saviez-vous que la Magnifique broche d'Isabella est un cadeau de la Reine pour son baptême en 2007? Je me demande si les boucles d'oreilles d'Isabella ne sont pas également empruntées à sa maman. Les deux bagues d'Isabella sont signées "Dulong"... peut-être un cadeau de ses parents.

    1. You are very welcome! Thanks for reading. It is a pleasure to have readers like you.

      I noticed the same with colours. Love that the Queen wore "opposite" colours: pink at Prince Christian's confirmation and blue at Princess Isabella's confirmation. Both stunning outfits.

      Yes, Isabella's brooch is a christening present from her grandmother. Lovely present!

      Isabella's earrings are indeed borrowed from her mothers jewellery box. The same are her Dulong Fine Jewelry rings :-)