Visiting the Crown Princes Mary Center

10 May

A couple of days before Crown Princess Mary turned 50, on February 2nd, the "Crown Princess Mary Center - solving problems through research and partnerships" was inaugurated at the University of Copenhagen.

The Crown Princess Mary Center is a knowledge center for applied and interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences. The center gathers a community of the research environments and societal actors. Together these actors develop and disseminate new knowledge and participate in networking activities.

On May 10th, the Crown Princess paid a visit to the center at the University of Copenhagen. Here she met with several scientists who shared their work with her. She was also informed about the centers others work to find new solutions to current societal challenges with the individual being at the center.

At the little gathering at the University of Copenhagen, when Mary met with several scientist who are part of the "Crown Princess Mary Center - solving problems through research and partnerships", Mary was wearing what looks like a simple black blouse. We only got one single photo from the meeting and that is already problematic. But this one is also in a bad quality and show only very little of her outfit. From what we see, I cannot identify if it is a blouse or a dress. Somehow, I think it looks like Mary was wearing a smaller scarf at the meeting? Do you recognize anything about this outfit?

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