"Meet our patron, Crown Princess Mary"

08th November

Recently, the Danish Refugee Council announced a brand new webside. On that occasion they also presented a new video of their patron: Crown Princess Mary. She has been a committed and proud patron for quite some years now. As patron, she has attended conferences, visited shelters abroad and had annual meetings with both management and volunteers. Like in January, when she met with General Secretary Charlotte Slente and Chairman Agi Csonka, here. Or when she attended the launch of "Børnenes U-Landskalender" two years ago, here

The Crown Princess is patron of several organisations and foundations. Truly committed to each and one of them. This time she showed her support in this new video, here. With great confidence and humility, Crown Princess Mary made it clear that a problem has not yet been solved. People still need the simplest help. Danish Refugee Council provide that. Watch and learn. Let the patron speak. Please, note that the picture is from another event.

Embed from Getty Images

Surrounded by what looks like a magnificent painting, Mary shared her words. She matched every inch of it wearing that green blouse. To me it looks new. I cannot remember if or when we have seen it before. Recently, she wore another green blouse, when she attended the International Day of the Girl Child, here. I also hit a dead end with that one. My guess is that she must have worn black trousers. Maybe wide-legged trousers. A great outfit. Perfect for the occasion. How would you style a green blouse?

Having watched the video a few times, it looks like she is also wearing a golden necklace. I see her twisted Orit Elhanati necklace. Maybe she was also wearing some golden bracelets as well. Immortalized is also her stunning blow-out. The length, color and movement makes me wanna dye my hair immediately.


Necklace ● Orit Elhanati, here

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