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March 25th

We all know about Royal Run - one way we celebrated Crown Prince Frederik when he turned 50 a couple of years ago. People all over Denmark were gathered to run along with the Crown Prince family. It being a huge success, it was decided to gather people once more at Royal Run 3.0 this year on June 1st. Today, the family announced that the date has changed to September 6th in Denmark given to the  current situation with COVID-19, which is also affecting the Danes. The date is August 30th in Greenland.

Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and all four children shared these news on social media  with a photo. The also encourage people - old and young - to keep up the spirit, take care about yourselves and each other.

March 28th

Lately, DR (Denmarks Radio) has broadcasted morning songs with Peter Faber, who is the conductor of the Girls Choir. The little seance is broadcasted live from Peter Faber's very own living room. Each day new songs are chosen by different people. With Crown Princess Mary as patron of the Girls Choir, it is obvious for her to pick a song. And she did. Choosing the song "Solen er så rød mor" (The Sun is so Red, Mother) - a lullaby, she told Peter Faber about her choice by writing him a letter. The letter tells, among others, that this specific lullaby is dearly loved by the family, here.

March 28th

Last night TV2 broadcasted a show "Danmark står sammen" (Denmark Stands Together). Here people from all over the country had a chance of telling how they are doing during this unusual situation. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary also shared their point of view in a short interview and greeted those who are still working. Also their four children - Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, spoke a few words on good and bag things about being home from school.

March 31st

Today, Crown Princess Mary joined an online briefing with three other members of WHO's Office for the European Region - the diplomatic corps in Denmark. They spoke about the current situation with COVID-19. Crown Princess Mary shared how happy she was to participate the conversation and get a briefing with an update about the development and how the situaiton is currently handled. She also took time to thank all members of WHO and healthcare workers for their effort.

Et opslag delt af DET DANSKE KONGEHUS (@detdanskekongehus) den

April 9th

Easter has arrived and Crown Princess Mary sends her regards as chairwoman of the Mary Foundation. It comes with an old photo from around 2013 of the Crown Prince family and Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. Her post also includes a statement from the Crown Princess herself. It address some of the challenges we face at the moment trying to fight COVID-19. Among others that our everyday has changed. Everything we know has changed. She hopes that easter encourages us to remember those who are all on their own these days. Remember to give them a call and let them know that they are not alone.

Happy Easter everyone! I wish you and your loved ones all the best. Take care of each other and stay safe.

April 22nd

It is commonly known that Crown Princess Mary and the rest of the Mary Fondation meet once a week to discuss this and that. Once and in a while, we get a glimpse of how such as meeting takes place. Because of the current situation with COVID-19 that weekly meeting is now virtual. The Crown Princess captured that meeting with a photo and shared it on social media. The best photo we have seen of her for a very long time. I really adore her natural look and how relaxed she looks. 

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