An 80th birthday

Our beloved Queen Margrethe turns 80 years old this year. A lot was planned; ways to celebrate Denmark's and everybody else's Queen, but because of the ongoing situation with COVID-19 everything were canceled. I know many people, both in public and in private, had been looking forward to celebrate Queen Margrethe on her big day and she is still celebrated. Usually, I only write about the Crown Princess but this is such a historic day. I cannot miss reporting about, right? I also assume that many of you are interested in following how she is celebrated on her 80th birthday.

I speak for all of us, when I congratulate Queen Margrethe. We all wish her a wonderful and memorable day!

Three new portraits - Margrethe, Frederik & Christian

Three new portraits were published of the Queen, her son Crown Prince Frederik and her grandson Prince Christian. A regent and the two that are suppose to follow in her footsteps. The photos were taken by photographer, Per Morten Abrahamsen. Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian are captured to be remembered at Christian IX's Palace at Amalienborg and Fredensborg Castle in Fall/Winter of 2019.

Congratulate the Queen

Every year on April 16th the Queen is also celebrated by Danes writing congratulation letters to her. They do that by showing up at Amalienborg and sharing a few words and a drawing. This year people are still able to congratulate her, but by writing and sharing pictures online. Would you like to wish Her Majesty a happy birthday, then follow this link here.

A documentary

"Dronningen holder frikvarter" (The Queen takes time off) is a new documentary broadcasted on Danish television on April 14th. The documentary is made by JJ Film and shows a Queen when she takes time off. On thing Queen Margrethe is known to love, is art - among others things, also scenography. Watch it here.

Two new portraits

Photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen has taken yet two portraits of the Queen on occasion of her 80th birthday on April 16th. The first portrait shows the Queen in her study at Fredensborg Castle. It was also Queen Ingrid's study at the time when she and her husband spend time at Fredensborg. Both portraits are from September 2019.

Eighty facts

80 years of age. 80 is also the number of "fun facts" the Royal Court released about the Queen, here. Among the facts are that the Queen loves to dance Les Lanciers and because of that, this specific dance has been part of most birthdays and evening events. Also, the Queen has a very unique tradition on Christmas Eve. After she and the rest of the royal family have been to church, she gathered all of her employees and read for them the Christmas gospel, followed by her giving all of them a gift.

The commemorative coin

On occasion of the Queen celebrating her 80th birthday, Denmark's Nationalbank release a commemorative coin. It is Danish tradition to mark such an event with a new coin. The commemorative coin is minted in silver and comes as a 500-krone coin, a 20-krone circulation coin and according to Denmark's Nationalbank, also a 20-krone coin with a sharply embossed motif. Buy one or more coin, here. The portrait facing the coin is made by Lis Nogel - a Danish sculptor, graphic artist and painter. The reverse is created by graphic designer, Jeannette Skov Jensen. Read more about what the symbols of the reverse means, here. Its meaning is warm hearted and personal.

The following post from Det danske kongehus also shows other commemorative coins from, among others, when the Crown Prince Couple got married in 2004.

The commemorative coin will also be a new commemorative medal, which is given to the royal family, the court staff along with a few other people close to the Queen. Making a medal too is her  own decision, here.

The big day and two more portraits

Queen Margrethe deserves the best day today, because it is her 80th birthday. Early this morning another new portrait of the Queen was published. She poses in the garden in front of Fredensborg Castle with her beloved dog, Tilia. Photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen captured the moment. He is also the master of the previous portraits released of the Queen on occasion of her birthday. You find all the photos, here.

Lots of singing

Early this morning, Queen Margrethe was woken by her staff singing her a morning song. The song "I Danmark er jeg født" (I am born in Denmark) was chosen and the Queen seemed delighted and happy by the gesture.

Later, the Danes also celebrated her with a traditional birthday song led by conductor, Philip Faber. Meanwhile, Philip Faber sang and played the piano, Danes and some from Nuuk, joined him live from their own homes. Queen Margrethe watched it all from her home at Fredensborg Castle, here.

Also the Royal Life Guard shared a special greeting, here.

A very special greeting

We are not the only ones to miss celebrating the Queen on her birthday. Of course, her family also miss celebrating their mother, grandmother and mother-in-law on her special day. Her eight grandchildren have made a gratulation video to their grandmother and they allowed the world to see a glimpse of it. What a lovely way of celebrating and honoring a grandmother. It is also a wonderful way for all of us to remember and care for your loved ones.

Celebrated abroad by kings and queens

Royals from all over Europe were suppose to participate the celebration of the Queen's birthday dinner. Instead, they sent her a video with each a personal greeting wishing her all the best and a magnificent birthday today.

Queen Margrethe received greetings from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Spain, and Norway.

The last word belong to hers

At 7 o'clock Queen Margrethe shared a few words to describe her birthday. Articulate and with a claim voice, she thanked everyone for making it a memorable birthday. One she will remember as warm and happy. With a smile on her face, she reminded the Danes people that even though we are in a difficult situation at the moment, we stick together - by being apart. Something we need to be doing for a little longer. No doubt she have had a splendid day with just enough spirit to remind us that we still need to take care of each other and ourselves.

Apparently a small dinner was held on Fredensborg hosted by the Queen herself. Around an hour later after her speech, the Crown Prince Couple and Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrived to Fredensborg to attend the private birthday dinner, here & here. Looks like the Crown Princess was wearing one of her old maxi skirts (the same as in Saudi Arabia and Qatar in 2016, here) and some kind of black blouse or jacket. She embraced the style with curly hair, golden bracelets and a brand new large-size necklace.

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