Honorary dinner at Fredensborg

Sunday, March 11th

Each year on March 11th a dinner takes place with Queen Margrethe as hostess. The dinner is held alternatively for the Danish army-, navy- and air force at Fredensborg castle. This year 30 receivers of the badge of honor from the air force and armed force were invited along with the Crown Prince couple. The badge of honor was established in 1953 by Frederik IX on his birthday; on March 11. Which is why the dinner is held on his birthday each year. A badge of honor is given for 25 years good service.

The Queen as hostess was already at Fredensborg castle when the 30 participants arrived closely followed by the Crown Prince couple. We got a brief glimpse of the royal couple before rest of the honorary dinner took place behind closed doors.

I was so sure we weren't be seeing any pictures at all from this dinner. Suddenly, I received pictures from all of you showing the couple arriving. And it was just great. Both of them were beautifully dressed -Frederik was wearing a polished uniform and matching hat, while his wife dazzled in a blue evening gown. I asked for information about Frederik's uniform and it turns out that he was dressed in the navy's fair uniform, here. Mary's new gown has been identified by Heaven as a Lasse Spangenberg Copenhagen creation. In the video it shows the gown with an asymmetric lace top. Can't wait to get a closer look. At the arrival she stunned wearing a brand new cape. This was found by Kate at Julie Fagerholt Heartmade. She embraced the style with diamond earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry, a golden Cartier bracelet and a silver clutch from J. Furmani. I also managed to identify her pumps, though it was hard to find pictures. Toe, shape and colour makes me sure that she was wearing Gianvito Rossi pumps made of silk.

Gown ● Lasse Spangenberg Copenhagen
Cape ● Julie Fagerholt Benina Cape
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry Lotus
Bracelet ● Cartier Love Bracelet
Clutch ● J. Furmani Stone Flap Clutch 
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi Silk Pumps in Blue


  1. I adore dazzling gown,but I regret that we can 't see sophisticated top at all.

    1. You are not the only one. Many of us (including me) would really like to get a clear look at the top. Hopefully, she'll wear the gown soon again and then we will be able to see what's missing this time.