Inauguration of Bornholm's new visitor center

Wednesday, March 22nd

Despite a funeral on on Tuesday, here, of her coworker and friend Juliane Meulengracht Bang the Crown Princess was back a work as usual. Today, she attended the inauguration of a new visitor center at Hammershus on Bornholm. Hammershus is Northern Europe's largest castle ruin, which has been restored for the last couple of years. The traditional red ribbon has changed to a rather large metal chain instead. This clearly made the Crown Princess laugh. Overall she was in.a really good mood; all relaxed and comfortable. After the grand opening she was given a guided tour around the new center. During her visit she was accompanied by Minister of Environment and Food Esben Lunde Larsen.

The weather is pretty unstable at this time a year in Denmark, so I truly understand why Mary had chosen a warm coat and long boots. Any of your favourites as well? She showed up on Bornholm wearing her greenish coat from Burberry. It goes years back from around the time the twins were little. Last we saw her wear it at the Hubertus hunt on November 5th last year, here. Loved it then. Love it as much now. Unfortunately I can't share a link with you, other than to one of my favourite royal fashion blogs, here. She matched the greenish coat with a matching knitted turtleneck sweater and slim black trousers. I imagine it looks great without the coat as well. Then we have a pair of brand new boots. The lack of pictures makes it impossible for me to see any specific details to tell where they are from. At this point, I have no idea where to find them. She also embraced a chic and cosy look by wearing knitted brown gloves and sparkly diamond earrings, which could be from Hartmann's. Do I see anything else? -yes, her hair of course. This magnificent, curly hairstyle is simply stunning. Hope we get to see this a bit more often. That would make me really happy.

Coat  Burberry

Possible identification
Earrings  Hartmann's


  1. I enjoy to see old pictures from Hubertus Hunt.I agree that this coat is so stylish but I am waiting to more better weather and spring looks.

    1. In Denmark we are promised more snowy and windy days for a couple of weeks. So, I think we'll have to stick with warm coats and boots for yet a little while. Personally, I also hope for some spring days soon.