Hubertus hunt in Dyrehaven

Sunday, November 5th
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It has been a tradition for quite some years for the Danish royal family members, at least some of them, to attend the Hubertus hunt in Dyrehaven near the Eremitage palace, here. This year Crown Princess Mary enjoyed a day in Dyrehaven accompanied by all four children -Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. The Hubertus hunt goes back to 1900 and has taken place since then on the first Sunday in November. Yes, very little changes in Denmark. To me it looks like the four royal children really enjoyed a day along with their mother and vice versa. From the balcony of the Eremitage palace the family closely followed the hunt; the Crown Princess with a cop of coffee in her hands. Following, the five royal members enjoyed a ride in Dyrehaven in an open coach. Several picture show that the family spend much time chatting with people also attending the hunt and the two princesses couldn't stay away from the horses.

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We have already seen many lovely outfits the last few years when Mary and the children have attended the Hubertus hunt in Dyrehaven. I found some, here here. This year Mary was dressed in a cosy, warm outfit probably because of the rather cold weather. She dazzled in a new knitted turtleneck, a new down vest from Seeland, a reused green coat and slim jeans. Maybe not the most exciting combo but wait till you see it. Looks just great. I got a strong idea that the knitted turtleneck could be from Ralph Lauren. About her coat I am way more confident. A good friend of mine, Kate, managed to identify the coat even though it is 2012, here. And it is from Burberry. Unfortunately, I'm not able to share a link with you other than to another blogger, who shared a picture, here

She also showed up wearing a pair of brand new suede boots in green. Not sure I like them very much nor have I found them yet. Any ideas? I would really like to hear your opinion on this one. Tried everything and I still haven't got a clue where they are from. Mary accessorized her look with not just one, but two bags. One new. One old. The old one goes a few years back and is from DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. The other one is a brand new leather tote bag from Prada. Haven't found the right colour but I'm pretty sure I got the right model. Other than that she embraced a chic winter style by wearing diamond earrings and a matching ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

Coat: Burberry
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Bag: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Day Gweneth Palm Bag

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