New Year Banquet at Amalienborg

Thursday, January 1st

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the traditional New Year's banquet on January 1st with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik as hosts. The banquet took place at Amalienborg.

For me there is always great excitement associated with the arrival of the royals for the biggest evening of them all: the New Year's eve banquet. As usually Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik hosted the overwhelmingly gala dinner at Amalienborg. Members of the Danish Parliament attended and arrived before the royal family members. The parliament members arrived one by one on the red carpet before they entered the grand castle to wait for the royal guests to arrive. At this evening several national and international photographers and journalists are gathered to get all the best pictures and interviews with the guests. Also many Danish people had found their way to the castle to get a glimpse of the many guests. With camera lights everywhere, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrived first, followed by the Crown Prince couple and last but not least the hosts - Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. The arrival is almost iconic. When I think about I am not sure why, maybe I'm just the only one with that thought. Think it is because of all the pretty dressed and shiny jewellery as well as the fact that we are celebrating a new year to come. But I just have to watch the arrival, especially when the Crown Prince couple show up (of course). Do you have such traditions too on January 1st?  

As mentioned above I believe the dresses is one of the reasons why this is the biggest evenings of them all. I’m looking forward to see what they are wearing. The men are wearing a traditional uniform and the women have a little more ‘freedom’ to choose what they want to wear though it has to be a floor-length gown. This is also where all the valuable jewellery, such as tiaras, must be shown. Mary had chosen the beautiful ruby parure from Queen Ingrid as she has been given by Frederik who inherited it from his grandmother.On her head she wore the tiara which showed the best of her wonderful hairstyle

Now, lets talk about what we all have been waiting for, the dress! I was sure we would see her wear the burgundy dress Birgit Hallstein as previously. Over the years there has been several changes that makes it possible for her to wear in new ways over and over again. But as a big surprise for me and many of you, she arrived in a brand new white floor-length gown. The gown has three-quarter length sleeves and a slightly different detail consisting of a piece of cloth attached to the belt at the waist that covers the left side, across the body. Though Mary did not wear the burgundy gown, this is made by the same tailor, Birtgit Hallstein. Over her shoulders she wore a dark velvet cape. Simplicity wins! As accessories she wore a satin clutch from Prada (I’m pretty sure it's purple) and a pair of golden pointed pumps from Manolo Blahnik. No doubt that Mary looks incredibly stunning in her new ivory/golden evening gown. I hope we get to see it one day without the cape, though I think it makes her look very royal.

On the occasion of the New Year's eve I have made a post on Royalist, showing what she has been wearing previously at this major and fantastic evening, here.

Gown: Birgit Hallstein
Jewellery: The Ruby Parure
Clutch: Prada Silk Box Clutch
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Metallic BB

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