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It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary. I have been following her the last 10 years of my life. Since her first child Prince Christian was born back in 2005. My ‘obsession’ with her started after I, in a magazine, saw a women who had made a whole wall with pictures of the royal family. I told my mom that I really really wanted to make a wall like this and my mom simply answered: "Then you need start collecting all the pictures you can find in your magazines". That’s what I did and after 10 years I still haven’t made the wall with pictures, but I have 5 or 6 folders with categorized with paper clippings from any kind of magazines. Beside my folders I have one more box with uncategorized papers, about 15 books, some of her clothes and accessories and more important my precious blog!

Now I need your help because I would like to make a series of posts with YOUR Mary obsessions. So, if you have a special way to express your addiction of her, this is your opportunity to share it with me and the rest of my readers. It could be your collection clothes, pictures, folder etc. Anything really. I hope you are up to this little challenge. So, if you recognize some of the same Mary-fan-symptoms as me, I want you to share it with me and everybody else. In my first post I will share my 'modest' collection and obsession. Then it's all yours. 

For you who are interested in sharing your interest, I made few questions. It is pretty easy: Red, answer, send to: henriette4-hini@live.dk and that it. Then I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. I really look forward to hear all about you and your Mary-obsession. 

No. 1) In the first place, why did you choose to follow Crown Princess Mary?

No. 2) Tell me about your Mary-addiction/hobby/obsession and how it started

No. 3) Why has this become an addiction/hobby/obsession to you?

No. 4) Does your loved once think you are a little crazy? 
-Mine does!

No. 5) What is the next thing you plan to do with your Mary-addiction/hobby/obsession?
-Maybe buy a new book, find a new dress like hers…

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