Justin Timberlake Concert in Copenhagen

Tuesday May 6th

Unofficially attended Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary a Justin Timberlake concert in Copenhagen along with Prince Christian. 


A few days ago on Tuesday, Frederik and Mary were spotted attending a Justin Timberlake concert in Parken, Copenhagen, along with the oldest son Prince Christian. So the world famous artist had some royal attandances among the audience when he gusted Denmark. The royal family was not the only one to attend but as must of them, the family did not meet the press on the red carpet. They slipped past all of it except from a few photographer and journalists. I'm pretty sure all three of them enjoyed the evening together especially for Christian to share this experience with his mom and dad. Usually Christian is joined by his dad when they have attended concerts but this time Mary joined the to of them.

I am sure you noticed her wearing a grass green cardigan as the first thing. Something very unusual for her to wear: green. But a splash of colour is never bad, especially when it's worn like this. I'm still not sure where this new green cardigan is from, so I really need your help. Have you see anything similar that could help me ID Mary's? Besides ac very colourful cardigan she only wore black clothing's. The only piece I have a ID on is the chic coat featuring some pretty cool leather details. Don't think we have ever seen her wear it at a official event but multiple times she has worn the coat at private occasions. It's from Hugo Boss. If you manage to find it somewhere online I would love to hear from you. I once found a picture of the model, which by the way was not found by me, and therefor I only have this one picture. If you can help, I'd be thrilled! Perfectly matching the leather details on the coat she embraced the cool style with a new pair of, still unidentified, black leather ankle boots and one of her most beloved handbag from Bottega Veneta. Is it just me or is she really rocking this outfit?! As the only visible jewellery she wore new earrings by the Danish jewellery designer Louise Grønlykke. Wish I had a better picture of them to show you because they are splendid. I also see some kind of grey scar in her bag but not close enough to tell you more about it.

Coat: Hugo Boss
Earrings: Louise Grønlykke Marrakech Earrings
Bag: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Hobo Bag DKK 19,689.35

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