10 years of anniversary!

Congratulations and happy anniversary!

Well, I know that Frederik and Mary celebrated their 10th years of anniversary on Wednesday, May 14, but I have had much to do lately. However, this do not stop me from sending them the best of wishes on their anniversary and make this post. Before I begin talking, I'll let you know that the royal family have published a gallery of the couple's ten years together, here.

All of you know the story about how they met, when and how many children they have etc. and because this blog is about Crown Princess Mary’s style, this post will take you a little back in time and talk about her style over the years. When she came to Denmark in 2003-2004, Mary was quickly known as the “fashion-princess” because she was often seen attending fashion shows in Copenhagen. She has previously said that she did not only wanted to be the fashion princess, but wanted to show the Danes that she was much more than just clothes. A few years later Mary had proven that she indeed was much more then a fashion princess. She was the Princess everybody wanted a glimpse of - sweet, smiling, good looking, eloquent and more important she has chosen to help the voiceless, girls and women, children, fight loneliness and much more. Because of the massive focus on her being interested in fashion, there were also a huge focus on her style and what she was wearing. Who do not remember the beautiful wedding dress designed by Uffe Frank and created by Birgit Hallstein? And the blue Hugo Boss jacket she was wearing when she showed us little Prince Christian for the first time? Or the purple dress made by Henrik Hviid she wore at a new year banquet? Right from the start Mary wore stylish, elegant and sophisticated clothes we all just adored. Through out her 10 years in Denmark she has been wearing clothes from Danish and international designers. No doubt that Mary helps to determine which clothes she wears with some help from Anja Camilla Alajdi, her stylist.

Mary's style is quite easy to copy which is nice when you can't afford to buy what she actually wears. She always masters to mix and match colours, prints with fringes and beads. She shows us how to reuse clothes year after year in new combinations that always looks stylish. Mary just knows how to dress appropriate. I could talk about this for hours, instead I would like to hear why you like her style so much. Please, leave a comment and let me know. Once again hold congratulate the couple!

Sarah Hartmann,
”I like Mary’s style because she almost always looks right for the occasion but still tries different things. She doesn’t just wear plain colours all the time and her jewellery is stunning! She is also very good at wearing older clothes in new ways.”

”What I love about Mary is that she never forgets she is Crown Princess of Denmark. She has managed to morf her style-likes of florals, pattern and flounces yet keeps them modern and refined. So many of crown princesses have to given an adjustment period to adjust to her new position.”

Tesouras & Tiaras,
”I love Mary's style, because in addition to always be suitable and elegant, she is above all VERY versatile. Mary usually wears clothes and accessories quite pricey, but it's amazing how she manages to create several new looks with the same pieces that she has for several years. That´s doing a great recycling of expensive parts. We can expect to see Mary in several styles, with gowns, suits, skirts, trousers.... She actually wears the clothes and not the opposite (which happens with several royal ladies). Above all, the style reflects more than fashion labels, in my opinion it is the attitude of the person what really matters. And maybe that's why Mary is so happy in their choice of clothes. She has enough confidence in herself and in what she represents. That combined with a good figure is all that it takes to a winner style. And Mary is Queen on that kingdom!”

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