In New York for L'ONU Conference

September, 28

Crown Princess Mary attended the UN conference on female circumcision in New York. She attended the conference with the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs focusing on women's rights and battered women. 

Crown Princess Mary did also attend The Global Citizen Festival 2013 in Central Park, New York where she gave a speech.

Crown Princess Mary at the UN conference 

Mary is an important person for this conference. She has great influence and can create a huge attention to the subject; female circumcision. She spent many hours and days in the year 2013 to draw attention to girls and women's rights, health and living standards over the year. her concern for others that could make a difference is significant for those who need it. She shows surplus by helping people in need. Those who need help the most, Mary gives a helping hand - a second opportunity - a chance for a better life - a life where your voice are heard. On each table it was stated where the various participants come from in the world. Denmark had two representatives. Members from Italy, Liberia, Sierra Leone and members on the United Nations. During the conference Mary had a little chat different of these members. Dressed in a white By Malene Birger blouse and probably a red Hugo Boss pencil skirt, she paid attention to whatever any of them would say.  

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Skirt: Hugo Boss?

Crown Princess Mary at The Global Citizen Festival concert 2013 in Central Park

With the sun shining directly in her eyes, hard time seeing who were in front of her, Mary held a short speech, in english of course, with a very clear and strong message: we need to do something and we are doing what we can to get this problem solved. Hundreds of people were standing right in front of her, listening to her and her precious words. With no sense of doubt and no paper at all to help her on the big scene her massage was given. Mary proved that there are being taken care of oppression of women and she among other is there to help. For us to see Mary standing like this on a scene is rare, actually I'm pretty this is the first time we have ever seen that. This is highly important to her. In Axara Paris blouse and black trousers she kept everyone silent. Her speech was met with an laud applause. 

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  1. Hi, here's a better photo of her from before the conference .

    I agree with the pin's assessment of it being the Elise Gug blouse not the Lancie.