Day 3: A Visit to Morocco

September, 4

  • 10:30 am. Visit at Likaa NGO
  • 11:50 am. Visiting the mosque Hassan II in Casablanca
  • 3:30 pm. Visiting the Tilila Women's shelters

Mary went from dressed in Jimmy Choo pumps to barefoot when she visited the mosque. Before she visited the mosque she enjoyed the view at the sea, wearing her blue BOSS Hugo Boss blazer and a new skirt with a yellow and blue stripe. A reader told me that she has been seeing it from the Danish designer Elise Gug, but I can not confirm it. In her colourful clothes she shone next to the pretty large mosque Hassan II in Morocco. The Danish Princess wore a beautiful pink scarf and took her shoes off before she went into the sacred building. I think Mary was amazed by the mosque when she got the change to see it inside. Several times she raised her head and looked around to see the overwhelming building. This is her last day in Morocco.The visit was an attempt to show some of the places Denmark is to help in Morocco when it comes to women who have suffered of violence most of them in their marriage. As the president of the Mary Foundation, Mary work with this issue in Denmark. It is one of her work areas. 

The stay has last for only three days but she has had the change to meet women and children who had help from one of the countries shelters. Those who work to give those mothers a new and better life without violence. I think it has been a eye-opening experience for both the Crown Princess and those who met her. In the future I hope Mary will work to help more women in Denmark and abroad, countries like Morocco.  I'm pretty sure we will. Thanks for following Mary with me at the trip to Morocco. 

Skirt: Elise Gug?
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana M by Madonna
Bracelet: Ivory Bogota Brown DKK 299
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet
Blazer: BOSS Hugo Boss 
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert Round-Toe Pumps $175 (pre-owned)

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