Crown Princess Mary Scholarship 2013

September, 16

Crown Princess Mary had the chance to meet the Danish recipients of the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship in Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg. 

After the recipients arrived to the overwhelmingly Frederik VIII's Palace they were one by one welcomed by Mary in the Fanegemakket (a special room inside the palace). It was a smiley and very calm Crown Princess who was ready to talk to the recipients of the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship which usually is given to Australian students studying in Denmark as a helping hand to the life as a student. Mary was given a gift by UTAS Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Rathjen in the occasion of his present. A picture was taken of Crown Princess Mary, Professor Peter Rathjen, Wayne Gonion from the department of Community Engagment & Partnership at University of Tasmani and than the five Danish recipients. 

I'm really not sure about anything she was wearing at all. I do not think we have seen the dress before but the lack of pictures does it hard for me to identify any of it. A black leather belt made the dress fitted and to match the belt she wore patent pumps which might be from Prada. It's only a guess. her half up do did that we could see Mary wore some kind of earrings. Sorry I can't tell you anymore than this but the truth is I simply do not know more. 

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