Day 1: CHIO in Germany

June, 24

Crown Princess Mary and Princess Benedikte will participate in the opening ceremony of CHIO Aachen in Germany tomorrow on June 25th. They arrived to Germany today, one day earlier.

What is CHIO Aachen?
... is an international horse jumping and dressage show in the city of Aachen in Germany. The show is held every year at summer time. The show is one of the most prestigious in all Europe. Like to know more? Read right here. 1 2

Crown Princess Mary & Princess Benedikte arrives to Germany

Both these women loves to be around horses. Benedikte tells to an journalist that she has been around horses her entire life from she was a little child and that it is a pleasure and joy to be in Germany with Mary to experience something like this with her. Mary also find lot of joy in horses and take a ride when there's time. Often she's seen with Frederik once a year when they are on vacation at Gråsten Castle with the rest of the family. I clearly remember some of the first pictures which were taken of Mary to a book that was published about a year after the marriage (if I'm correct...) - Mary riding on a horse and the famous pictures in Vogue from around 2004 is she also around horses and she might also mention how important they are to her. So this is really the perfect opportunity for both of them!

Mary was dressed in a beautiful blue and white textured suit from Prada at the arrival. There are quite some different models from Prada with the same print - everything from a coat, skirt, jacket and trousers. Mary was in a pencil skirt in the same print as her blue jacket. This could be the perfect suit worn in the 50's, marching suits was so popular. To me they still are. If you now have the felling that you might have seen this specific print before then it might be because she once wore the jacket with black trousers and Christian Louboutin shoes.  

To this outfit she added white Sea pearl earrings created by Marianne Dulong, new white pumps which in my opinion is a Prada model and a shiny white Prada bag - a pretty old one because it worn by her in 2006. Thanks to the reader who gave me that information! 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Prada White Pointed Pumps?
Bag: Prada

Crown Princess Mary & Princess Bennedikte attended a reception

What is better than a brand new bright red dress mixed with a plain white coat?! The colours of Denmark. Really lovely outfit Mary showed the world last night when she attended a reception in  honor of the international horse show, CHIO Aachen. 

Mary's outfit gave us the opportunity to explore may be the right word to use, because she wore so many stunning things at the reception. I truly understand why so many was starring at her in her new red dress. The thing is that even though she wears something extremely beautiful it is only perfect when you fell that she's comfortable in what she's wearing and I differently think she was! The stunning red dress was really a model I had to find and as most other times I have some very dedicated friends who are always there to help me. They want as badly as I want, to find her beautiful things. It took us quite a while to find this one which might be because of the designer. As any other Mary has her favourite designers and they are of course their website is the first to visit. But when it in the end turns out that the designer is one she rarely use, it is hard. With help we did it, Mary's new bright dress is from Max Mara her Fall/Winter 2012 ELEGANT collection. Beautifully she added golden jewellery from Danish Marianne Dulong. Elegant and sophisticated at the same time!

The white coat is a model Mary also has in black which is why I knew Prada is the designer but I had never been able to actually find it. With some help from TH the coat is identified as Prada who is also the designer of the little red suede clutch features a golden Prada-logo and a tassel. Her hair was very simple created with a golden hairpiece in the shape of a leaf, Kate made the suggested that Zabel Jewellery Copenhagen could be the designer of these hairpieces. I see the similarities, do you? Please let me know your thoughts about the jewellery in her hair. Notice that she actually wearing some kind of purple nail polish - that is not something we see often. To make this outfit even more amazing she wore brand new heeled sandals, some really nice ones. Pernille identified them, I'm so thankful! They are from Azzendine Alaïa, I wouldn't mind wearing them! Of all my heart I hope she'll wear them again some day. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong Kharisma DKK 18,200
Bracelets: Marianne Dulong Ellipse DKK 20,450 & Lumina DKK 30,750 
Hairpiece: Zabel Jewellery Copenhagen Jewellery ?
Dress: Max Mara Red V-Neck Peplum Dress
Coat: Prada
Shoes: Azzedine Alaïa Nude Sandals DKK 7,895

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