Children's Relay 2013

June, 15
Photo by Angés Colbert

Crown Princess Mary attended the Children's Relay in Fælledparken in Copenhagen as a tradition.

Some more details about the Children's Relay
The Children's Relay started back in 2008. It has been an upcoming event every year since. The project is made in collaboration with The Mary Foundation (Mary Fonden) and Save The Children (Red Barnet). The relay focuses on serious issues like bullying. They want to make sure the children knows how important it is to be a good friend, she respect, to cooperate and have the courage to act. Read much more here.

It is always a pleasure to see pictures of Mary when she participate in the yearly Children's Relay in Aarhus or Copenhagen; this year in Copenhagen. Surrounded by children all day, giving medals to the participants kids and giving a speech are just some of the usual things she do every year. What I like about this day is that she's on an official event but still she's dressed casual, acting like it was unofficial and all her attention goes to the kids and they love her. This year was also a bit special because Mary's oldest son, Prince Christian participated in the run. When he finished, she was ready with a huge and a golden medallion which she placed around his neck.

As I mentioned Mary is wearing casual clothing's and I have to say that her everyday style is one I really like. So easy to copy and you are sure it will work absolutely perfect. The white lace Rabens Saloner she once wore with a pencil skirt that gave her a more sophisticated look than with the bootcut jeans from today - which actually is those kind of jeans Mary use to wear, they give her a beautiful shape and is ideal to wear with pumps or heeled sandals. She chose new wedges-ballet flats from BLOCH. They look really so comfortable and I like the things with the black cap-toe and the little bow. The sunglasses is designed by the great singer Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana that's why there is added a M in front of D&G.

A specific piece of jewellery she wore was the silver bracelet on her left arm, a Mandela Bangle with the number 46664, the number of his cell when she was in prison. He is led out in 1990. If I'm correct Frederik has a bracelet too or it mitt be the same they share. When buying the bangle you give your support.

Ambassadors around the world have for decades struggled for Nelson Mandela, in his struggle for equality in his country and around the world.”
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana M by D&G 4107
Blouse: Rabens Saloner
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet
Bracelet: Nelson Mandela 46664 Bangle

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