Christmas Seal Homes for 100 year

October, 29

Crown Princess Mary attended the launch of this years christmas stamp 2012 which is designed by Carl Quist Møller. She's the patron of the Christmas Seal Homes (Julemærkehjem). This is also the 100 year of anniversary for the stamps - 1912 to 2012.

What is the Christmas Seal Homes?
In Denmark we have four of these homes for children who struggles with social isolation and bullying. Each year over 750 children, in the age of 7-14 years old, get help from the Christmas Sea Homes. The children stays there for 10 weeks and does also learn about eating health food and what excise is good for. The money from the selling of the stamps goes to these homes. Support the homes and read much more about all of it here and see the stamps here. 1

October is a month where the weather in Denmark is getting cold and rainy. To keep warm Mary was dressed in a navy blue turtleneck, which you can't live without and they are pretty inexpensive, and over she wore a black Prada jacket with sequins. It's a jacket we have seen her wear several times and there is an associated skirt. After her speech she stepped down from the rostrum we had a clear view to the boots, a pair of black ankle boots from Mulberry with the beautiful name Tillie. The classic bag from Bottega Veneta we all know. I think it is a great honor for Mary each year to publish the new Christmas stamps where the money goes to help many Danish children every single year and I hope that we this year once again can collect lots of money the children and this years stamps are really sweet!

Jacket: Prada Sequin Jacket in Black
Bag: Bottega Veneta Cigar Cocco Lave Large Cabat
Shoes: Mulberry Tillie Bootie

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