04 June 2012

As patron of the Mary Fondation, Crown Princess Mary will be visiting Greenland to inaugurate that the foundations anti-bullying project "Free of Bullying" has now been implemented in a number of Greenlandic institutions.

On June 4th, the Crown Princess arrived in Nuuk. She was warmly welcomed in the airport by children and their parents, who all wanted a moment with the Crown Princess. She took plenty of time to greet as many as possible. She was even given a small bouquet of flowers on occasion of her arrival (here).

I am in love with what Mary was wearing at the arrival in Nuuk. The combination of a simple white turtleneck blouse, soft brownish checkered trousers and then that stunning white reused Hugo Boss coat. It makes a wonderful outfit. Perfect for traveling across the sea.

As accessories, Mary wore the most incredible white pearl earrings from Christian Dior. Took my quite awhile to realize Dior was the designer. I stumbled upon them by accident looking for something completely else. Love these findings.

I would really like to be able to identify her shoes one day, but I can't a the moment. Something I do know about, is her delicate handbag. It is from Prada.

Coat ● Hugo Boss
Earrings ● Christian Dior
Bag ● Prada, here

blouse, trousers, belt, shoes, gloves

Crown Princess Mary was staying at Hotel Arctic during her stay in Greenland (here). A couple of photographers captured her arriving to the hotel, where she was also going to have dinner in the evening.

Indeed, the photos are few from her arriving to the hotel but what we got tell us that Mary was wearing a lovely white turtleneck blouse and what I believe to be dark blue jeans. We also get a glimpse of, what turned out to be, a brand new down jacket from Moncler. Such as a quick moment showing her wearing a reused grey leather Prada bag.

Both earrings, necklace and its pendants are all creations from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

Jacket ● Moncler, here (NEW!)
Earrings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Necklace ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Pendant ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Pendant ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Bag ● Prada


Shortly after Crown Princess Mary arrived in Nuuk, Greenland, she had her first meeting with the department of family and the department of culture, education, science and church (here).

The meetings were to give her and the other participants a closer knowledge of what life is for many families, young people and children in Greenland.

Unfortunately, I have only been able to find photos taken from her arrival, when meeting with the two departments and she was wearing her white Hugo Boss coat once again. That makes it a bit difficult for me to say for sure what she wore underneath. My guess is a black skirt and something matching.

Mary embraced the style with fine custom-made earrings from Marianne Dulong and a golden bracelet from that same designer. Actually, her earrings are brand new.

She was also wearing a magnificent dusty pink patent leather clutch. I am dying to know where it is from. Any ideas? I really want to know. Looks amazing with the old Prada pumps and new earrings.

Coat ● Hugo Boss
Earrings ● Custom-made by Marianne Dulong (NEW!)
Bracelet ● Marianne Dulong, here
Shoes ● Prada

skirt/dress, clutch, gloves

05 June 2012

On her second day in Greenland, she paid a visit to the Jørgen Brøndlund School in Ilulissat (here). Here she also attended a "children's meeting" with pedagogues and children at the school.

It was wonderful seeing her with all the children. They were almost hypnotize by her presents. They absolutely adored the Crown Princess.

She had brought her camera with her, when visiting Ilulissat. Taking lots of photos of the impressive surrounding and the school children. Maybe a little "souvenir" from her visit to show the family - and perhaps also the rest of the foundations board members, when she is once back again.

During her day in Ilulissat, Mary had chosen a super comfortable and casual outfit. She matched her new down jacket from Moncler with a simple grey knitted sweater and dark jeans. What is not to like? What mattered was really just the children - and the fact that she needed to stay warm.

She also accessorized the outfit with brand new purple Ray Ban sunglasses. Not sure I liked them at first sight, but I have come to love them very much. The shape and color are quite unique. Special. Cool. Hope I will be able to identify Mary's new brown leather boots one day. They are super classy.

The fine and delicate diamond jewelleries are all from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Love the stack of rings. Love that they are complimenting each other in different colors - silver, gold and yellow gold.

Jacket ● Moncler, here
Sunglasses ● Ray Ban, here (NEW!)
Earrings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

blouse, jeans, boots, gloves, scarf

06 June 2012

The Crown Princess has already spend three days in Greenland along with the Mary Foundation to officially to inaugurate the foundations "Free of Bullying"-project in all of Greenland.

On her third day, she was still visiting Ilulissat to attend the Children's Relay. An activity connected to the "Free of Bullying"-project. The relay has taking place in Denmark for four years by now (here).

Lots of children from the Seminariet in Ilulissat participated the race. The first children crossing the finishing line were handed over golden medals from the Crown Princess.

At the relay, Mary was beautifully dressed in an old red knitted (?) Heartmade Julie Fagerholt jacket. She matched it with a neutral dark grey turtleneck and an a-line black Prada skirt. It is not my favorite outfit from her trip, but it is very inspirational. I often find it difficult to style grey. Mary shows how.

She embraced the outfit by wearing lovely black boots and stunning diamond jewellery from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I'd really like to be able to identify her boots one day, but whenever I get started, I always end up where I started: with nothing. Any ideas?

Jacket ● Heartmade Julie Fagerholt
Skirt ● Prada
Earrings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
 Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

blouse, boots

07 June 2012

It has been some wonderful days for the Crown Princess (and us) in Greenland. She arrived in Nuuk on June 4th and now, four days later, she is soon going back to Denmark.

First, the Crown Princess had just one more event to attend. A reception and following dinner with the Mayor of Qaasuitsup Kommunia, Jess Svane (here). The dinner took place at Hotel Arctic, where the Crown Princess was also staying while being in Greenland.

Had really no idea what to expect from her for this dinner. She truly impressed me with her choice. An outstanding brand new blue Jayson Brunsdon dress. Just look at the details. The cap-sleeves, the fabric and that color. Wauw. And the neckline is so pretty.

She styled the new dress with delicate diamond earrings. I have never been able to identify them, but she has worn them before. I think they could be purchased on an auction. The fine brooch is actually from a Danish designer: Elise Gug.

Mary's beige clutch is also a Danish design. It is from Naledi Copenhagen. One of my favorite clutches of hers. About now, we all know that Mary's shiny patent leather pumps are from Jimmy Choo.

Dress ● Jayson Brunsdon (NEW!)
Brooch ● Elise Gug
Clutch ● Naledi Copenhagen, here
Shoes ● Jimmy Choo, here


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