Odense Flower Festival 2022

18 August 2022

The last ten years, Crown Princess Mary has been patron of Odense Flower Festival taking place in Odense. The Crown Princess was surprised with one flower for each year as patron during a little ceremony. She was given the ten flowers by ballet school students from The Royal Theater Ballet School Odense.

Odense Flower Festival celebrated the "adventures garden" this year with the theme "The Adventures Garden". A wonderful theme due to the fact that Odense Flower Festival is also part of the H.C. Andersen Festivals. Denmark's most famous writer of adventures.

Crown Princess Mary gave the opening speech. Usually, the Crown Princess also name a new rose with christening it in champagne. This years rose was created by Mayte Garcia. She was married with the famous singer Prince. He dedicated a song to her ("The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"). Therefor the rose was given the name "The Most Beautiful".

KongehusetUFO No MoreBilled Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Frederik et Mary ● Royal Portraits Gallery

Mary has been patron for Odense Flower Festival for 10 years. During the ten years, she has worn the most incredible outfits. I gathered a few:

Odense Flower Festival 2006, here

Odense Flower Festival 2012, here

Odense Flower Festival 2017, here

Osende Flower Festival 2019, here

Every year is all exciting. What will she wear for this magical event? On Thursday, Mary had chosen to wear a reused dress from Erdem. Last month, when Denmark guested Tour de France, a reception was planned on board Dannebrog. Due to an awful shooting, the royal family decided to cancel the reception. This was when Mary first wore the Erdem dress.

At the festival, she embraced the style with simple golden jewellery and brand new brown heeled sandals from Michel Vivien. I learned about the shoes from Heaven and UFO No More. They truly deserve another look. They are so delicate and fine. Her jewellery are a mix of Rebekka Notkin and Dulong Fine Jewelry. 

Usually, I think Mary's outfit are a bit more "laud" at the opening of the flower festival, but I sincerely like the simplicity of this years look.


Dress ● Erdem, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Pendant ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Rebekka Notkin, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here (custom-made)

Shoes ● Michel Vivien, here

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