Day 2. A visit to Bangladesh

26 April

Crown Princess Mary has traveled to Bangladesh. The visit focuses on nature-based solutions and biodiversity. The Crown Princess is accompanied by the Danish Minister of Development, Flemming Møller Mortensen.

On their second day in Bangladesh, the two of them travelled south to the Cox's Bazar district. It was once a national park, but now it works as a "shelter" for around 900,000 Rohingya-refugees. This has created a massive pressure on already small natural resources. The Cox's Bazar district is also often hit by among others floods and monsoons. These climate changes increases the importance of more sustainable sultions for both man and nature.

Kongehuset ● UFO No MoreBilled BladetBilled BladetBilled Bladet

Mary had chosen a relaxed and comfortable outfit on her second day in Bangladesh, when visiting the Cox's Bazar district. She matched a blue button-down blouse with light brown trousers. It is indeed likely that we have seen both blouse and trousers before, but at the moment, I cannot tell when or where.

She protected her eyes with a lovely new hat from Deborah Hutton and sunglasses from Ray Ban. I learned about the hat from UFO No More (here). It is also from UFO No More, I know about the new Arc'teryx boots.

The fine golden necklace is an Orit Elhanati. Her smart hairband is from Kknekki. A closer look revealed that she was also wearing two bracelets from Anni Lu and Dulong Fine Jewelry.


Hat  Deborah Hutton, here

Sunglasses ● Ray Banhere

Hairband ● Kknekkihere

Necklace ● Orit Elhanatihere

Bracelet ● Anni Lu

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Shoes ● Arc'teryx, here

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