The backpack project

8th September

Since 2008, the Mary Foundation have handed over more than 2,000 backpack to children, who live at shelters with their mother. The foundation is collaborative joined by LOKK (The National Organization of Women's Shelters) and Ole Kirk's Foundation for this project. LEGO also takes part in the project. Former LEGO employees pack the bags once a year - often with a helloing hand from the Crown Princess herself. The project has been introduced in both Denmark, Greenland and the Faro Islands - an has become a huge success. Each bag comes with gender- and age specific things. All the basic things these children often don't have, when they come to the shelters. Like school things, toothbrushes, a teddybear for the younger ones and a diary for the older ones.

A recent study, made for the Mary Foundation by Epinion, shows that 2/3 of all children arrive to shelters without any of their belongings. In a new video, the Crown Princess spoke about the ComfortPacks project on behalf of the Mary Foundation, Ole Kirk's Foundation and LOKK. Watch the video below or here shared with us by the Mary Foundation.

A couple of days before this new video was published, on September 6th, Crown Princess Mary attended Equitour Denmark in Aalborg, here.

For this new video Mary had chosen a simple yet classy outfit. She proves, once again, what amazing outfit to make with a white button-down shirt, a little color and some jewellery. Mary has many (many) white shirts similar to this one. Almost every designer have one or more in each their collection, which makes it so hard to find the exact one she is wearing. The same goes with this. If you have any idea where to find it, then let me know. She matched the classy white skirt with a brand new orange skirt. To me it looks a bit casual and maybe a maxi length. I will let you know, when I know more about it.

She embraced the outfit with a ponytail and natural makeup. I was surprise to see that she wore no necklace or earrings. It does not happen very often. But I do see some bracelets. Three of them are made by Dulong Fine Jewelry and the last golden one, is from Cartier. Her wonderful love bracelet.

Now, let the purpose speak for itself.


Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

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