'Kunsten' - Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg

Saturday, November 24th

The Crown Prince Couple are back at work after a few days on their own. They accompanied each other when visiting 'Kunsten' the Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg. It is Alvar Aalto's newly restored art museum that exhibits art work from the last three centuries.

Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary were warmly welcomed with smiles, handshakes and flowers for the Crown Princess at the arrival to 'Kunsten'. The visit at the museum is part of the couple presenting the 'Crown Prince Couple's Prizes 2018' taking place in Musikkens Hus in Aalborg. The show was broadcasted live on Danish television later in the evening. Before that, the Crown Prince Couple participated a rehearsal on the show, here. Keep an eye on the blog for an update of the presentation of the couple's prizes.

When visiting Aalborg Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were given a guided tour around the museum. One of the greatest pieces shown to the couple, is made by Brazilian artist Ernest Netos. It is a large cave made of crocheted yarn. Fascinating, indeed.

When visiting 'Kunsten' in Aalborg Mary was greatly dressed. She had chosen to wear a pair of black fitted trousers and a matching turtleneck blouse. A simple and chic way to get ready for a cold winter. The dark green wool cape is a reuse. Do you remember it? It was worn when she left Amalienborg Castle to go to Fredensborg for the annual royal hunting in Gribskov, here. At the time Heaven managed to identify the cape as Stenströms. She recognised it because Princess Sofia of Sweden has been seen wearing the exact same one in a light grey colour. Maybe I need to get myself a nice wool cape?

Unfortunately I know very little about her trousers and turtleneck. Could be reused pieces. They probably are. What's not new, is the heeled ankle boots. Do you like them? Think they are pretty cool. Makes her outfit a bit more edgy and classy. I much prefer these over a pair of flat ankle boots. Heeled boots complete any outfit. So far I have not been able to identify these new boots, but the style makes me think of something like Hugo Boss.

Other than this Mary embraced a chic style by wearing a golden Cartier bangle. I also see her black pearl bracelet and matching ring made by Dulong Fine Jewelry. Think she is wearing diamond earrings as well. Could be those from Hartmann's, but I can not tell for sure.

Cape  Stenströms Pine Green in Merino Wool
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet
Ring  Dulong Fine Jewelry

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