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For half a year, journalists from the Danish magazine Ud & Se have followed the Crown Princess for their October 2017-edition. They have got the chance to interview her at Frederik VIIIs palace and join her on everyday jobs as well as on official events. All on occasion of the celebration of the Mary Foundations 10th anniversary, which also means the journalists have followed the Crown Princess during some of the meeting with members of the foundation. The interview show a women in great balance between being representative for Denmark, as chairwoman of a foundation, wife and mother of four. We hear her tell how she missed her home country and family while she's staying there, how she feels she is right where she is suppose to be in her life. She tells how proud she is of what the foundation has accomplished the last ten years and her commitment to move on for many more years. For sure it is not the last time I'm going to read this interview -it is openhearted, well-written and lovely to read. Along with a wonderful interview goes many beautiful new pictures of the Crown Princess. Lucky you, the edition has been published online as well, here. If you managed to read the interview, please tell me what you think. I would very much like to hear your opinion.

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