Saturday, September 2nd

On Saturday the Crown Princess attended the premiere of Watermusic taking place in Randers, more specific at Randers harbor in the evening. Watermusic is just one of twelve other full moon projects, which is a part of the official program for Aarhus as European Capital of Culture -an appointment the city has received in 2017. Over three hundred participated the show, whom the Crown Princess congratulated with the great success afterwards. She was in a splendid mood both at the arrival, where she was welcomed by among others theater director at Randers Egnsteater Peter Westphal, and during the show. The Crown Princess also got the chance to meet director Kevin Finnan, singer Oh Land and scenographer Sus Haugland. The spectacular show really seemed to have impressed the Crown Princess who told what a pleasure it had been.

Because the grand show was taking place in the evening, outside in the open at a harbor; Mary was dressed in long trousers and a blouse featuring long sleeves. I am not sure if you recognize the trousers, but actually they are pretty old. Can't tell for sure when she wore them the first time, but I have found two previous events where Mary has worn them both in 2009, here, here. A few years ago I managed to find a similar model from Designers Remix, which is why I believe they could be from this Danish designer. Except from the buttons, everything seems to be the same. Have always been very much in love with them and I'm pleased to see her wear them again. As before mentioned, Mary matched the trousers with a black blouse and a brand new tweed jacket in some incredible colours. Lately this tweed-jacket-thing has become quite a trend. Always been a fan of tweed -especially for a set. This one is from Sonia Rykiel. It was found by Heaven. She accessorized her chic outfit with jewellery from Hartmann's, Orit Elhanati, Dulong Fine Jewelry and Cartier. I haven't been able to find a close-up showing which pair of shoes she was wearing, but from what I see it could be the model from SAND Copenhagen.

Jacket: Sonia Rykiel Tweed Cropped Jacket
Earrings: Hartmann's
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Necklace: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Necklace
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelets: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Bracelet

Ideas for identification
Trousers: Designers Remix
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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