Goodby to Ove Ullerup

Wednesday, August 20th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Prince Mary attended a farewell reception for Ove Ullerup, now the previous Lord Chamberlain, which took place at the Alexander Hall at Christiansborg castle. Other than the Crown Prince couple, also Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Countess Alexandra, Prince Nikolai and his brother Prince Felix attended.

In 2003, about the same time Mary came to Denmark, Ove Ullerup became the new Lord Chamberlain for the Danish royal family. This is now 11 years ago and Mr. Ullerup has decided to retire and leave the job for someone else. Because of his retirement a reception was held at the Alexander Hall at Christiansborg castle where several guests were invited. From the royal family Prince Joachim, Princess Mary, Countess Alexandra, Prince Nikolai, his brother Prince Felix and of course the Crown Prince couple attended the reception. I'm pretty sure it must have been great to see so many people for Ove and his wife, but also a sad day when he has to say goodbye to many of the people he has shared every day with the last 11 years. I wish Ove Ullerup and his wife all the best in the future. He has been doing a great job and I think he will be missed. 

Wauw, much is going on with this outfit! For us to see her wear pink really does not happen very often. As a huge fan of pink (and Mary) I love this new SAND Copenhagen blouse. The floral print is so feminine and elegant and with the pink hemline, the blouse makes a great statement piece. I like how she matched this new blouse with a plain black JOSEPH skirt and of course the fact that she's also wearing bright pink pumps! The first time we saw these pink pointed pumps was when Mary visited Germany, here, along with Princess Benedikte. At that time I was not able to ID them. I suggested either Christian Louboutin or Prada. Seeing them once again I tend to say Prada, but I still do not have any proof. Then I noticed a pair of white and golden floral earrings, not new nor identified, but I have always been completely in love with them! Unfortunately I think they... vanish because of the printed blouse. Am I the only one having that thought? Embracing the style she also wore a golden ring from I'm Jewel and one of her black clutches, this one is from Carlend Copenhagen. So what do you think? I can't wait to hear what you think about her outfit.

Blouse: SAND Copenhagen Baia Floral Blouse
Skirt: JOSEPH Charlie wrap skirt
Ring: I’m Jewel Sage
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa

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