Campaign: Sommerbogen in Roskilde

Friday, June 20th
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of Sommerbogen in Roskilde; a campaign encourages children to read. 

Sommerbogen 2014
... is a campaign developed to encourages children spending more time on reading books both to broaden their horizons, excite their imagination and at the same time help to develop their language skills. Crown Princess Mary attended the big opening. 

Books have always been an important thing in my life. It's something I truly enjoy and find it very important to spend time reading books. To have the ability to read is a gift. At the time I was about to learn how to read I told my mom: that reading was not necessary. It was not important to learn how to read, now I see it as a precious gift. So thanks mom. With the pleasure I have for books, I can't imagine a world without. It was one big day, a tribute to book readings, when Mary attended the opening of Sommerbogen 2014 at the local library in Roskilde. She arrived in the most amazing mood, laughing and smiling, especially when she was welcomed with flowers handed over by one of the kids. No doubt that the children were the focal point of her day in Roskilde. With a countdown from 10 and a short speech, the Sommerbog campaign was officially launched. In her speech she among other things talked about her own passion for books when she was their age, a passion I believe she has encouraged her own children to find as well. In several previous interviews, her and Frederik have told how much the children loves reading and that they both enjoy reading along with their kids. When visiting the local library all her time was spent talking to children; asking them about favourite books and see some of their book reviews. Think it was a great day for all of them.

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Photos @Agnés Colbert

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Totally in love with her outfit from when she attended the Sommerbogen 2014 opening in Roskilde! Though it's quite windy and cold in Denmark right now, Mary didn't even wore a coat at the visit. Wonder if she ever feels cold? -never mind. Well composed, like a good book or good music, Mary was dressed in a brand new knee length floral skirt from Dolce & Gabbana (pre-spring 2013). It was found by Lurdes. Thanks! The new skirt she'd matched with a navy blue shirt which I have not been able to identify yet. Any ideas? I thought about designers like Prada or maybe Julie Fagerholt Heartmade. But nothing I have found, indicates I'm right. In my opinion, a match made in heaven! And a pair of nude patent pumps from Christian Louboutin, she was really good looking. Quite a long time since we have seen her in these pumps, lovely to see them again. No complete outfit without a few accessories. Mary had chosen a couple of golden Marianne Dulong bracelets, and one from Shamballa Jewels, a pair of Louise Grønlykke earrings (last seen when she attended a concert in Copenhagen, here), then a twisted golden Orit Elhanati necklace, diamond bands from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and last but not least the suede clutch is from Hugo Boss. Guess it's new? Can't remember having seen it before. With a glimpse in the car, I noticed her brown Ralph Lauren bag as well. Crazy in love right now!

Skirt: Dolce & Gabbana Multicolor Flower Print Skirt
Earrings: Louise Grønlykke Marrakesh Earrings
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Esme Bracelet w. Diamonds
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Bracelet w. Diamonds
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Piccolo Onoma Bracelet
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Band
(Bag: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag, Brown)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps 70mm Nude Pantent

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