Day 6: Official Visit to Chile

March, 16

  • 10:50 am. Visit at the Gaby mine with the world's largest solar, Sunmark

The last day of their visit to Chile was a bit more unofficial and you had to wait so long to see the last day because no pictures have been published. Luckily Billed Bladet took some! She was dressed in a pink printed shirt from Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt (Spring/Summer 2013) wearing a pair of dusty blue long trouser and ballet flats at the opening of the new solar heating area next to Gaby mine made by the Danish company Sunmark. A funny thing is that Mary's blouse matched Frederik's trousers and the other way around. So it is possible for a couple to dress alike without wearing the exact same colour. As on the 5th day she carried a bright blue Prada handbag. The three-chain necklace is from Jane Kønig.

Blouse: Heartmade Dahlia
Necklaces: Jane Kønig Love Tags in Plated Silver

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