The Ministry of Education and Research's National Teaching Award 2022

29 August 2022

The Ministry of Education and Research had the honor of presenting their National Teaching Award 2022 with Crown Princess Mary as guest of honor. The ceremony took place at the National Museum in Copenhagen.

Minister of Education and Research Jesper Petersen and Direct of the National Museum Rane Willerslev welcomed the Crown Princess, when she arrived to the National Museum. It was the three of them handing over the seven winners of the prestiges award.

The purpose of presenting the National Teaching Award is to create awareness about good education. The award is therefor given to seven teachers, who have managed to make a more inspiring and encouraging teaching. Along with the honor comes 500,000 Danish kroner. 200,000 of them are a personal gratitude.

The winners are: Kjeld Vindum, Jens Myrup Pedersen, Bente Kiens, Rasmus Otvald Jensen, Jeppe Moritz Led, Sofia Rontini, Kresten Jacob Wium Petersen.

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This orange Scanlan Theodore suit is indeed quite unusual for her wardrobe, but wauw. Mary looks like a dreamy sunset. That color is incredible on her next to her fair skin and brown hair. She has worn it before. Last time, was at a business promotion visit in the Netherlands on June 20th 2022 (here). This time, she matched the suit with a simple white Scanlan Theodore blouse. From the same designer is the brown leather belt.

Mary embraced the style by wearing amazing golden jewellery - and a few silver pieces. That combo of Dulong Fine Jewelry necklaces seems to have become one of her favorites at the moment. I like the thought that the "M" necklaces could be a birthday present. She wore a rather large diamond ring from Dulong Fine Jewelry as well.

The clutch is a reused one. I have never been able to identify it, but maybe one day. Mary first wore it in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 at the Olympic Games (here). Those Gianvito Rossi python pumps looks splendid with the rest of her outfit!


Blazer ● Scanlan Theodore, here

Trousers ● Scanlan Theodore, here

Blouse ● Scanlan Theodore, here

Belt ● Scanlan Theodore, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Pendant ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

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