Meeting with UNFPA

06 February

Crown Princess Mary has been busy lately. She has attended both award shows, here and here, and a 10th anniversary for Advice for Life, here. In the meantime the Crown Princess also managed to hosted several meetings taking place at Amalienborg.

Wednesday afternoon she hosted yet another meeting. Crown Princess Mary met with Under-Secretary-General of Executive Director (ED) of UNFPA, Dr Natalia Kanem. She visited Denmark on on that occasion she met with the Crown Princess to talk about UNFPA's ongoing work, challenges and future projects. The Crown Princess is patron of UNFPA. The royal house also inform that the two of them discussed joint activities in the future.

A photo was taken of Dr Natalia Kanem the Under-Secretary-General of Executive Director (ED) of UNFPA and Mary to document the meeting.

It shows little of what Mary was wearing, but one thing is for sure: she wore her (very) old brown leather jacket from Prada. With the information I have, the jacket goes back to around 2005. It was first seen when she attended the premiere of 'Dear Wendy', here. The suede jacket was also worn in 2008 at the prevention of 'The Danish Integration Award 2008', here. In 2013 Mary embraced the style and wore the jacket at a visit in Spain, here. At the meeting she embraced the style by wearing it was a simple white turtleneck and diamond earrings. I like the idea of her wearing trousers, but I can't tell for sure.


Jacket ● Prada


  1. So the jacket actually goes all the way back to her wedding. She wore it to City Hall right before the wedding, here,

    It's one of those suede jackets that change color depending on the lighting. I think it's more of a khaki green.

  2. To be honest: to me the jackets are not the same. If you manage to find two pictures and compare them, then I am sure you will see what I see. The colours are different; no brown leather details; stitchings are not quite alike and the same shape are fitted vs. more loose :)