New Year's outfits as drawings

I am sure we all adored all of her three New Year reception outfit's -the stunning midnight blue velvet gown by Jesper Høvring, here, the elegant white down by Birgit Hallstein, here, and deep blue reused gown featuring a brand new altered neckline, here. Don't think I would be able to pick a winner. All three gowns are incredibly stunning and she wore them beautifully. Each one of them has its own personality.

I made an ally with Inge. Do you remember her? She is the woman from the 4th obsession post, here. She is the one with all the magnificent drawings. Inge shared her three drawings of the New Year's outfits and now I would like you to tell me which one you like the most. I know it is hard to chose. But take a close look and share your vote. Which one is going to be the winner -1, 2 or 3?

UpdateI have the feeling that you really liked those drawings, am I right? There was no doubt in your mind, which dress should be the winner. Because over 45% of the votes goes to her midnight blue velvet gown by Jesper Høvring that features the dazzling beaded skirt. And yes, it is indeed stunning.

1          2.    3.

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