Documentary: Mary and Mikkel Against Bullying

It is no secret that the Crown Princess has been working against bullying for many years now. From the second the Mary Foundation -H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary's Foundation was established in 2007 it have been on their agenda to fight against bullying. The past few years her work has become much more intense and the Mary Foundation is now also collaborating with many more companies, organizations and foundations in the fight to help children to get a better life without bullying. 

In 2015 she began working for the welfare of children in their leisure time and in spare time activities. Spare time activities, which should help develop children's social skills, can have the opposite effect. The children can feel lonely and not part of the group. This is one way the Crown Princess uses her voice; to make sure more children get comfortable and find it a pleasure to participate in spare time activities. The project Klubfidusen is already trying to combat the bad social environment among children in football clubs in Denmark. The clubs gets tools and special developed material to learn the children how to get new friends and take action if they see or experience bullying.

A few days ago the Mary Foundation announced that they will be working with MH24 and MH24 - the association Mikkel Against Bullying to strengthen the well-being among kids in children's handball clubs in Denmark. Handball player Mikkel Hansen know everything about playing in a club and how difficult it sometimes can be. The Crown Princess and Mikkel Hansen now wants to improve the well-being in children's handball clubs because even though it's one of the most popular sports among children (6-12 year old) in Denmark, not everybody feel welcome. Along with MH24 it's planed that more companies will be involved in the project to develop a detailed welfare program which will be tested in clubs hopefully this year. On Tuesday at 9:25 pm. an interview will be broadcasted on TV2, where the Crown Princess and Mikkel Hansen tells much more about the project and solutions on how the problem may be solved.

I watched the documentary: It was a clearly moved Crown Princess, who participated the interview with Mikkel Hansen in the broadcast Tuesday evening. They both pointed out how important it is that we do something about social isolation in general, but also takes care of the consequences for instance bullying. Mikkel Hansen talks about how important he think it is as a public person to pay attention to issues like these. The Crown Princess was very responsive and emphasized that bullying occurs in many different places. Spare time activities are a new way to draw attention to the problem and she tells that she looks forward to working together with Mikkel Hansen and MH24 along with the Mary Foundation.

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