Ballet at Gavnø

July, 19

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a ballet at Gavnø Castle hosted by Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott and his wife Helle.

To me this is more a unofficial event, a evening with family and friends. It was a wonderful night last night when they attended the ballet at Gavnø Castle. The sun was still there and it was a lovely warm evening. This wonderful evening gave Mary the opportunity to wear a sleeveless dress and bare legs and she did also wear several new things! That's something we like.

Shortly after I posted this I had so many requests from all you guys, mainly about the new blue dress and her new heeled sandals. I really like this evening outfit - casual and beautiful - but I hadn't seen it come that so many of you would be interested. I had to disappoint you because these two things were no where to find; at least not for me. That makes me happy is when readers help readers! Pernille that amazing woman found it from Lanvin! We are very grateful. The design reminded me of By Malene Birger or Signe Bøgelund-Jensen, but none of them were right. Now you know. The brown heeled sandals I finally identified as Hugo Boss (collection: BOSS).

Then we have the huge golden earrings! Glittering in the late evening sun. She wore brand new Queen Jewlscph earrings. They are available in golden, silver and pink. It was obvious to me that these new earrings had to be from Jewslcph, so much their style am I right? Still it took me and a good friend a while actually to find them but everything for you and we found them! The clutch is from Carlend Copenhagen and is made of crocodile. A model I really find great and it's available in several different colours. A great night to be a Mary fan!

Earrings: Jewlscph Queen in golden DKK 1,399
Clutch: Carland Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500
Shoes: Hugo Boss Patent Leather Heels

Update: You might already know this but Crown Prince Haakon is celebrating his 40 years birthday this weekend and the birthday have a theme - it is a very untraditional birthday for royal's to make - the theme is hippie. Frederik and Mary are participating and arrives to Norway today, Saturday. I hope so much we'll get a few pictures to fell the atmosphere when a Royal are being celebrated by... other royals. It all starts at 3:30 pm. local time. Ready for a birthday?

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