High-Level Task Force in New York

April, 26th & 27th

Crown Princess Mary attended the High-Level Task Force meeting in New York.

Mary participated in this meeting about a month ago, I haven't been able to do this post until now because no pictures from her trip have been published. So I know it has been a long time to wait for you guys but finally I'm here with the post from Mary's stay in New York to attend the High-Level Task Force from April 26th to 27th last months.

What is High-Level Task Force?
The High-Level Task Force works for a world were everyone from men and women, young and adults all have the equal possibilities when it comes to freedom and choices to forge their own life in aspirations and destinies. 


Outfit No. 1

Mary is truely a fashion icon also in private. This outfit from her first day in New York proofs to me that she embrace the latest trends and use them her own way. She mix the feminine style with the highly modern fashion with a twist of business trends. Personally I'm one of those who really like the business style in which Mary sometimes wears as here, Crown Princess Letizia of Spain must be that royal who love the business wear must. The different between these two women is that Mary twist it with her own sense of beauty. The work wear express a professional and classic style I love, it's possible to upgrade with any kind of accessories and the perfect evening outfit is created. Maybe you could say it's the perfect wardrobe basics for all kinds of styles, whether you want the ultimate work wear look or something completely else. Yes, I'm very enthusiastic with this outfit. 

Wearing caramel colour trousers with the ultra high Christian Louboutin pumps did that her look was transformed from a bit boring to fashionable. Mary added a light transparent white lace peplum from Zara and a orange spotted scarf to the slim trousers and amazing pumps! We need to thank RoyalOutfits for the identifying the wonderful new lace blouse. Mary never goes down on accessories, such as the pumps, and to this outfit she had chosen the outstanding scarf, Jewlscph earrings and her grey Prada handbag. All accessories are used before in several different ways. By the way, I would really like to have the scarf identified so let me know if you have any idea about who the designer could be. She completed the look with a simple, easy and everyday-like hairstyle. 

Earrings: Jewlscph Flower Glam DKK 23,299
Blouse: Zara White Lace Blouse 
Bag: Prada Vitello Daino Tote Handbag (similar)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Brown Décolleté 100 Pumps €425

Outfit No. 2

I'm not quite sure I fancy the the composition of these colours, the purple felt (?) jacket with the black dress trousers and the printed Zara blouse. Maybe it is the black trousers that's a wrong element in this outfit? I really can't point out where the problem is. An idea would be to split up the pieces and use them separately. I have always loved the printed Zara blouse. She was wearing the exact same one at the first pictures of the twins. You remember those? The twins were so cute! We also saw her with the grey Prada handbag as the day before. She added a pair of black patent pointed pumps to the outfit. Hope to see all parts again - just not at the same time.

Blouse: Zara
 Bag: Prada Vitello Daino Tote Handbag (similar)

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