Day 2. State visit from Belgium

Wednesday, March 29th

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde are on state visit in Denmark from March 28-30th with Queen Margrethe as host. The visit focuses on strengthen the bond between Belgium and Denmark. 

Program: Copenhagen
  • 9:00 am. Crown Prince Frederik and King Philippe visited the City Hall, Copenhagen. 
  • 9:00 am. Crown Princess Mary and Queen Mathilde had a meeting about the Mary Foundations work taking place at Amalienborg. 
  • 10:00 am. Crown Prince Frederik and King Philippe visited Danish Industry focusing on, among others, transport and sustainability. 
  • 10:30 am. The Crown Princess visited, accompanied with Queen Mathilde, Amager Fælled School who works with the Free of Bullying program. 
  • 11:00 am. King Philippe and the Danish Crown Prince attended a seminar State of Green
  • 11:25 am. Crown Princess Mary visited with Queen Mathilde the UN City in Copenhagen.
  • 12:40 pm. Crown Prince Frederik and King Philippe participates in a High-Level lunch with, representatives from both Danish and Belgian companies.
  • 1:15 pm. Queen Mathilde and Crown Princess Mary has lunch at Amalienborg.
  • 2:15 pm. Crown Prince and King Philippe visited BaneDanmark.
  • 3:15 pm. The Crown Prince couple, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited Cinemateket.
  • 7:30 pm. Members of the Danish royal family attended return dinner hosted by the King and Queen of Belgium at the Black Diamond, Copenhagen. 

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary along with King Philippe & Queen Mathilde

A long and busy second day in Denmark for King Philippe and Queen Mathilde began around 9:00 am local time. The King of Belgium spend most of his day accompanied by Crown Prince Frederik. They visited among others Copenhagen City Hall, Danish Industry and later they had lunch with representatives from High-Level. Meanwhile Queen Mathilde spend her day along with Crown Princess Mary. Their day began with a short meeting at Amalienborg where Mary told her a little about the Mary Foundation and some of their projects. Later that same day the two royal women visited Amager Fælled School because of their commitment to the Free of Bullying program developed by the Mary Foundation. Around 3:00 pm. all four royal members of each their family, teamed up and visited Cinemateket. From what I see, I believe all of them had a wonderful day in each others company.  

Both Mary and Queen Mathilde wore the most lovely outfits, in simple and matching colours. Mathilde was dressed in a dusty pink dress with matching accessories. A really beautiful colour next to her blonde hair. Mary on the other hand, had chosen a maroon 'suit' with colour-matching accessories. She mixed new and old pieces. The jacket is one we have seen before, as you may remember it comes with a pencil skirt. I have been told it is from SAND Copenhagen but when I requested them I never heard from them. So it is still a possibility. On this occasion she wore the jacket with a brand new crepe pleated skirt and suede pumps from Gianvito Rossi. As the skirt, the paisley scarf is new. Unfortunately, I have not been able to identify it. Any ideas? Mary also accessorized her outfit by wearing a grey Susanne Juul hat, a Naledi Copenhagen clutch and dark pearl jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Oh... and of course there are also the Hartmann's diamond earrings and golden Cartier bracelet. I am completely in love with what I see! The colours are a great match and everything works so well. Don't you think? Am I the only one who think about the 50s classy outfits?!

Hat: Susanne Juul
Earrings: Hartmann's
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet, Big
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewlery
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Dark Grey, NB11 Ostrich Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Burgundy Suede Pumps

It could be from...
Jacket: SAND Copenhagen

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary at return dinner at the Black Diamond

Dinner time! The time is almost up for the King and Queen of Belgium to leave Denmark. Two days pass by so quickly, don't you think? Tuesday was just great with the tour around in Copenhagen harbor and in the evening Queen Margrethe hosted that amazing gala dinner at Christiansborg castle. Wednesday was even better. King Philippe spend most his day with Crown Prince Frederik and Queen Mathilde her day accompanied by Crown Princess Mary. Then in the evening it was time for the Philippe and Mathilde to host a return dinner on occasion of their visit in Denmark. Kinda their way to say 'thanks for a great visit'. Both Queen Margrethe, the Crown Prince couple, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the return dinner with, by the way, took place at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen. 

These state visits also means we get to see several beautiful evening outfits, both for women and men. The Crown Princess was really 'dressed to impress' at the return dinner with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde as hosts. Pictures appeared shortly after the Crown Prince couple arrived right after Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, and just before Queen Margrethe. Frederik was dressed in a classy black suit, a white shirt and black butterfly. Mary dazzled wearing a new kerosene coloured floor-length evening gown featuring a small train. I learned that her new dress is from Jesper Høvring (Jesper Høvring x Great Greenland AW16) from Heaven. So, we got two very different Høvring-dresses in only two day. At the gala dinner on Tuesday a wonderful golden gown and at the return dinner this slim model featuring some incredible details around the neck! She embrace the style by wearing golden shoes from Manolo Blahnik as well as a golden Cartier bracelet. I was amazed (and happy) to see that stone embellished Prada clutch. We have seen it a quite some years ago at a wedding in Monaco back in 2010, here. One great accessory. With wavy hair and glamorous makeup Mary looked like a movie star.

As I mentioned before, three other royal women also attended the dinner at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen: Queen Mathilde, Queen Margrethe and Princess Marie. Mathilde stunned in a red floor-length gown featuring sheer sleeves and an asymmetric neckline. Margrethe was dressed in a black lace gown, while Princess Marie amazed in a black embellished gown featuring a rather low back. Three really impressive outfits!

Dress: Jesper Høvring Evening Gown
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet


  1. Hello:

    I truly love the color, fit and details of Crown Princess Mary's gown. I especially love the details at the back--the top part has a "blouson" effect which is so reminiscent of Old Hollywood" glamour (1930 & '40s). The skirt is fitted from the waist to below the hip area where the train starts high and fans out. I know I am not doing it justice as I only saw it for a few seconds on video; but to me the details at the back of the gown are of such that one can't help but be dazzled!.

    Should we one day do a hall of fame of the Crown Princess' gowns (hint, hint!) this gown would definitely score in the top five, at least that's how this royal watcher would score it!!

    Thanks Henriette for giving us the only blog dedicated to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. It is truly appreciated.



    1. You are very welcome! It makes life as a blogger much more fun, when you have readers like you. That is truly appreciated :)

      I am also very impressed by the gown Mary wore at the dinner! Such incredible details and the colour looks smashing on her. But really the Crown Princess knows how to dress for an event like this. Everything fit together so perfectly -both dress, accessories, hairstyle and makeup. I'm stunned of how her outfit turned out, especially the colour makes me completely thrilled.

    2. You are welcome!

      Yes, to use a really over-used baseball idiom: the Crown Princess "hit it out of the park" this time around.

      All the best!