The loss of a dear family member

On Sunday the Crown Prince family lost a beloved family member; their dog Ziggy. Yes, this is truly sad news. Ziggy has been a part of the family since 2005 and was a wedding gift from the Danish Kennel Club, who wanted to give them a puppy on occasion of the couple getting married. The Crown Prince couple chose a Border Collie puppy as their new family pet. They fell in love with a brown and white Border Collie called Jezabel, which was later named Ziggy by Mary herself. She was born on January 13th 2005 and passed away on April 9th 2016. The royal family indicate that Ziggy was suffering from chronic renal failure and osteoarthritis. Do doubt that Ziggy was a big part of the family's everyday life; she even appeared on many official photos, here, here, here, here, and accompanied Mary on a job back in 2015, here. Rest in peace dear Ziggy.


  1. Henriette:

    I was stunned to hear of Ziggy's passing. It must be very difficult for the family especially the children. It will be unusual not to see Ziggy in their family photos and videos.

    Thanks for the update and all the best.


    1. I was also very surprised to hear about Ziggy. Never really thought anything was wrong with her but apparently she wasn't doing that good. I am in no doubt that it is difficult for the family to loose their dear Ziggy.