A few new things

Since 2005 Crown Princess Mary has been patron of WHO/Europe. Her committment has given her the change to speak at several sessions of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe throughout the past years. In particular, she has spent a lot of time working to improve girls and women's rights, well-being and health. Back in 2013 the Crown Princess gave a video statement on occasion of the European and World Immunization Week 2013, here. Now she is back with another statement for European and World Immunization Week 2017, here, speaking about the importance of vaccines and how much effort about vaccine has already helped. Take some time and hear what she has to say, I am sure this will make you reconsider a few thing. 

Soon, on May 11th, the 5th edition of Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017 will take place in Copenhagen Concert Hall. It is as patron Crown Princess Mary will attend the summit on sustainable fashion. This year she will also participate the plenary on sustainable fashion in macro perspective. Read more about it here. It on this occasion a new photo of the Crown Princess has been published. Actually the same photo has been published in both black and white, here, and in colours, here

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