Visiting Bangladesh

April, 5-6th

Crown Princess Mary is visiting Bangladesh along with Minister of Development Ulla Tørnæs from 5-6th of April. The visit focuses on strengthening women's economic opportunities as part of the UN world goal number five on equality. 

Crown Princess Mary visiting Farmer Field School in Dhaka

I came as a total surprise to me when pictures of the Crown Princess in Bangladesh started showing up on my computer screen. Haven't heard a thing about this trip. Well, I wondered why she had no events coming up in April, but some months are quieter than others. What I have been able to find out, then Mary arrived to the capital Dhaka in Bangladesh on Wednesday April 5th left the country the following day. But I am not quite sure about the schedule. It is rather unusual that we don't hear about these official visits but it could be a matter of her safety. This is Mary's first visit to Bangladesh and she travelled along with Minister of Development Ulla Tørnæs and a Danish business delegation. The visit focuses on strengthening women's economic opportunities. As first thing in the morning she visited the project Farmer Field School in Moddhu Rakudia. The project aims to improve women's knowledge of the agricultural technician. The Crown Princess also visited the village Panbari which has been severely affected by floods, storms and high water levels due to climate changes. As both visits there were plenty of time for her to meet the locals which happily told Mary their stories.

During her first day in Moddhu Rakudia and Panbari she wore a comfortable outfit; a white button down shirt, beige trousers and matching slip-ons. Sunglasses protected her eyes while her hair were place on top of her head, keeping everything under control during the midday sun. 

Sunglasses: Prada
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Bracelet: Anni Lu Mess Blue

Crown Princess Mary meeting with Jaago Foundation and Auko-Tex Group in Dhaka

As part of the Crown Princess' first day in Bangladesh, she also met with a few schools supported by the Jaago Foundation. It has been a true pleasure to watch pictures and a video's from her visits. From the second she arrived every one of the children tried to get her attention -and they did. Every minute she spend along with the school's children. Earlier in the morning Mary also payed a visit to the capital slum. Everywhere she went, Mary was pleasantly greeted by the people met. Many of them were happily surprised to see a real princess for the first time in their life, although a little disappointed that she was not wearing a crown and a gown. In the afternoon the Crown Princess and Minister of Development Ulla Tørnæs visited a clothing factory Auko-Tex in Ghazipur. They were also accompanied by the Danish Ambassador in Bangladesh Mikael H. Winther.

Spending her last couple of hours in, among others, Ghazipur she had changed to a bit more colourful outfit. Mary paired a powder pink blouse with a pair of brown dress pants, accessorized with matching ballet flats. 

Blouse: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Powder Pink Silk Blouse
Bracelet: Anni Lu Mess Blue
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Bag: Tod's Joy Large Leather Shopper

Possible identifications
Shoes: Yvonne Knoé Pointy Ballerina, Earth

Crown Princess Mary attending a reception

We haven't got that many pictures nor information's about her whereabouts during the stay in Bangladesh, nor do we from the Crown Princess' last reception before leaving Dhaka. At the evening reception on Thursday several locals, women, contractors etc. were specially invited to attend the reception. This gave Mary yet another opportunity to hear about challenges, projects, stories told by the locals and experience with what climate changes can cause of problems and maybe even how to turn it into something positive.

As many of the other attending women Mary were dressed in a colourful printed dress at the reception. She embraced the style with loose wavy hair and natural makeup. 

Dress: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Printed Maxi Dress (Winter Holiday 2015)

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