Visiting Svanevig Hospice

Thursday, April 20th

Crown Princess Mary visited Svanevig Hospice in Bandholm.

Earlier in the morning Crown Princess Mary payed a visit to the Home Guard Command in Vordingborg as well as the Home Guard Center Skovhuse, here. But one visit a day was just not enough, because around 3:00 pm. local time she arrived to Svanevig Hospice in Bandholm. Here she was warmly welcomed with huge smiles, handshakes and given a bouquet of flowers handed over by the most incredible flower girl. During her visit at the hospice, who cares for incurable ill and dying people, Mary was given a guided tour around the facilities with her personal guides -one of them was general manager Birgitte Bülow. She took plenty of time to meet with both staff members, volunteers and residents living at Svanevig. To me it looks like they were all having a really great time!

Now we are talking! Earlier in the morning when she visited the Home Guard Command, she was dressed in a green military uniform. Then when Mary visiting the hospice in Bandholm everything has changed. Now she was wearing a brand new dark red dress! At first I had no idea where to find her new dress, but with help from Kate the dress has been found at no other than Hugo Boss. A belt in the same colour was added to embrace a chic outfit. I wondered if the belt was a part of the dress and for sure it is! Now I can't wait to see it without the jacket. It was a windy day which may be the reason why she had chosen to wear that black jacket. I was pretty sure we had seen the black jacket on a previous occasion before this one. A reader suggested this one, here, from when she attended the presentation of last years Christmas Seal. And I guess it might even be the same as she wore during at visit to Troldehøj kindergarden in 2013, here. Other than the belt, she accessorized her outfit with a reused brooch, here, diamond earrings probably from Hartmann's, a couple of diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and of course that black pointed SAND Copenhagen pumps. What amaze me most about this outfit is how well the jacket embrace her slim figure in combination with the new dress featuring an A-line skirt.

Dress: Hugo Boss Dimola Dress
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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