Visiting the Home Guard Command

Thursday, April 20th

Crown Princess Mary visited the Home Guard Command in Vordingborg. 

Dressed in a military uniform covered with her name, the Crown Princess visited the Home Guard Command and Home Guard Center Skovhuse in Vordingborg. At Skovhuse she was introduced to their historical collection and radar station as well.Mary has been active member of the Home Guard since 2008 and was last given, in 2015, the title of First Lieutenant. She was welcomed by, among others, General Major Finn Winkler whom she also met with on a Home Guard field exercise two years ago, here. During her visit at the command and Home Guard Center, the Crown Princess also met volunteer soldiers from the Home Guard. Several media report in what great mood Mary was at the visit in Vordingborg. While her fellow Home Guard-friends were telling stories she listened and seemed to enjoy herself. Before her visit was about to end, she found her way to the new domicile. In the afternoon the Crown Princess payed a visit to Svanevig Hospice.

Usually, I would continue the post commenting on what the Crown Princess was wearing at her visit, but this time the clothes almost speak for itself. She was suitable dressed in her camouflage green military uniform and black boots. On her head she wore the traditional green felt hat showing a golden emblem. Somehow, always worn obliquely. Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out much about their uniforms (I'm willing to learn, if you know more), other than new uniforms were designed around 2015. And for sure rank also plays a role on which uniform and accessory are worn by the volunteer soldiers. Still, one piece I am able to identify and that is her Hartmann's earrings.

Earrings: Hartmann's

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