TrygFondens (new) Family Houses

Tuesday, April 25th

Crown Princess Mary attended the inauguration of the expansion of TrygFondens Family Houses at Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus.

Back in 2012 the Crown Princess attended the grand opening of TrygFondens new family houses at Aarhus University Hospital, here. Today she was back there to attend the inauguration of the expansion of the family houses. These houses acts as home for seriously ill children and their parents and siblings and has been a reality since 2012 when Mary was present at the opening. She arrived to Aarhus in a splendid mood and was welcomed with flowers, smiles and handshakes. She was the one cutting the red ribbon with a fine golden scissors. After the opening, the Crown Princess was given her very own guided tour around the new facilities and got to see the Family Houses playground. Something the children proudly showed her. She was also introduced to a new interactive floor as activity for the children laving with their family in the family houses near by Aarhus University Hospital. Last but not least Mary met a family who live in one of the houses. 

Though the weather is not as splendid was Mary and her mood was at the opening, I love to see her in something a bit more colourful -all because we are getting closer to spring. Without the GOAT Fashion coat her outfit would have been a little plain. But that coat just makes the whole difference! I'm so thrilled we get to see it again. Shortly after the arrival we got a chance to see what she was wearing underneath. Mary has matched a pair of black trousers with a brand new black and white floral printed blouse! A first sight I was sure I had seen that print before, but when I found out where it is from I honestly have to say -that I would never have guessed. The main reason is because I've never heard of this brand before. Jennifer is the one to tell me about Mary's new ALTUZARRA blouse. She embrace the style by wearing a pair of black and white cap-toe pumps from Gianvito Rossi, seen on a previous occasion before this, here. Very chic! Other than the shoes she wore, once again, white pearl jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewellery. Some incredible pieces I differently hope to see (soon) again. Somehow, this outfit makes me in a great mood. So, tell me what do you like the most about this look? Anything specific or just the entire outfit?

Coat: GOAT Fashion Redgrave Wool-Crepe Coat
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Cap-toe 100mm Patent Pumps


  1. Henriette:

    Is the season of Spring in your country always this windy and rainy? I hope you have a wonderful summer with plenty of clear, warm days and that it comes early.

    The fuchsia color coat of the crown princess was have cheerful, just what's needed in that environment.

    Make it a great weekend.



    1. Yes! Spring in Denmark is everything from windy, rainy, cold to warm and sunny. We got it all :) Hopefully summer will soon arrive along with long sunny days!