Exhibition: The Jewellery Box

Back in February the Crown Princess attended the opening of a brand new permanent exhibition in Aarhus, more specifically in Den Gamle By, here. I sure you remember the grand opening of this new exhibition, here. The main reason why tell you all this one more time is because I had the chance myself to visit the exhibition!

But first, a little more about what Den Gamle By is. In English it would go as The Old Town and is a open air museum, in Aarhus, goes all the way back to the beginning of 1900s. I even read that Den Gamle By is the world's first open air museum. The museum have houses going all the way back to 1500s, but also from mid 1800s, all the way till 1970s. By visiting Den Gamle By you get the chance to see for yourself how a home would look like in different ages. Another special thing about this museum, is the fact that all year around, especially during summer and Christmas, employees make the old town alive. The employees are dressed like they would have been on that time, during their jobs -cooking, going to the marked etc. What makes this place very unique and a reason why I love visiting the museum so much is the feeling to go back in time. While you enjoy, learn, hear and see the 21st century is completely shut out. The atmosphere is not to describe. Differently worth a visit if you are every in Denmark.

So, with this short introduction you all know what I am talking about when I tell you more about my visit. About two weeks ago I celebrated easter with a 10 days vacation. On Thursday I visited Den Gamle By along with my mom and dad. I was my ideas. Have a thing for historic places and it has been years since I have visited the open air museum. It was terribly cold and windy but the best day I have had for a long time. You probably enjoy spending time with your family as much as I do. One of the main reasons why I really wanted to visit Den Gamle By was because of the exhibition The Jewellery Box opened by the Crown Princess couple of months ago. And it was indeed magical! The exhibition display around 1,000 individual pieces of jewellery from 1900-200, made by Danish jewellery designers such as Georg Jensen, Thorvald Bindesbøll and Mogens Ballin. Everything from earrings to brooches and bracelets are beautifully exhibited in glass boxes. It has taken a German couple 40 years to make this stunning collection.

The exhibition is stored underground in the 1970s district. I left my parent in the old 70s record store near by to enter the world of jewellery. And it was magnificent! First it hit me how small the room is in real life. But it felt almost like cave. The glass boxes were lighted by hidden lights to make the atmosphere even more... magical. Every spot in the room were dedicated to a specific period. I tried to capture all of it in these photos. It was indeed a very special experience! I wish I could have shared it with all of you, sure you would have love every single moment as much as I did. But this was never really a reality. Instead I hope this post gives you the feeling having visited the place yourself. The exhibition is permanent so maybe Denmark is your next vacation destination?

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