Day 1. State visit from Belgium

Tuesday, March 28th

Queen Margrethe hosts a state visit from Belgium's King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, who stay at Denmark from March 28-30th. 

Program: Copenhagen
  • 10:00 am. Queen Margrethe, the Crown Prince couple, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie welcomed the King and Queen at Copenhagen airport.
  • 11:00 am. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde were officially welcomed at Amalienborg by the Queen and Crown Prince couple. 
  • 1:50 pm. The King and Queen of Belgium met with the Danish Prime Minster.
  • 2:40 pm. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde met with the Parliamentary Chairman
  • 3:20 pm. The Crown Prince couple attended a boat trip in Copenhagen harbor along with the King and Queen.
  • 4:00 pm. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde met with nonresident Belgians at Hotel Marriott. 
  • 8:00 pm. Gala dinner at Christiansborg castle. 

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary during the first day of the Belgium state visit

What we have all been waiting for; for the belgian King Philippe and Queen Mathilde to arrive to Copenhagen on occasion of an official state visit. The King and Queen will stay in Denmark from March 28-30th, staying at Amalienborg. Queen Margrethe, the Crown Prince couple, Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie were the ones welcoming the belgian King and Queen when they arrived by plain. You can watch the arrival in the video down below. The official welcoming ceremony took place an hour later at Amalienborg, Copenhagen. The visit aims to, among others, strengthen the bond between Belgium and Denmark which is also why the Belgium King and Queen are accompanied by seven ministers and a business delegation including 37 different belgian companies. On their first day in Denmark, King Philippe and his beautiful wife Queen Mathilde also met with the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen and wife the Parliamentary Chairman Pia Kjærsgaard. These two meeting's was followed by a boat trip in Copenhagen harbor along with the Crown Prince couple -and that was just a lovely sight!

Magnificent Mary! Before talking more about the Crown Princess, I really want to make a compliment on the two other women: Queen Mathilde and Danish Princess Marie. Both looked absolutely splendid in each their spring cloured coat. Don't know if Mathilde and Mary talked before the arrival (don't think so) but I'm pretty impressed how well their clothes matched both when it comes to colour and shape. No doubt that we have some really well-dressed royal women in the world and three of them where gathered at once. From Lurdes I learned who created Mary's new coat; Claes Iversen did. Please, do me a favor and take a second looking at all the wonderful details. They are incredible! Especially how it closes at front. A really, really beautiful new coat. But the coat is not the only new thing we got to see, because she also wore a new Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen brooch and grey (or beige) hat. The hat reminds me of one of her Jane Taylor designs but I haven't been able to track it down. Love how she matched everything with nude accessories -gloves, clutch (Hugo Boss) and pumps which are form Gianvito Rossi. As the new brooch, her diamond earrings are from  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. What else to say than "magnificent Mary"?

Coat: Claes Iversen
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Frost Earrings
Brooch: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leaves Brooch
Clutch: Hugo Boss Soada Suede Clutch, Black
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Nude Python Pointed Toe Pumps

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary attending gala dinner at Christiansborg castle

After a long day, it all ended with one big gala dinner taking place at Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen, where Queen Margrethe hosted the dinner. The arrival to Christiansborg, as well as when Queen Margrethe and King Philippe each gave a speech, was broadcasted live on Danish television. Unfortunately, I had to spend time with something else and I missed it all. I'm sure you are able to find it, or at least some of it, online. Sure it was a great entry as always. From what I have seen, it differently was! A wonderful menu was served for the many special invited guests who attended the spectacular gala dinner where several royal family members also attended. From the Danish royal family we have: Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte. And of course King Philippe and Queen Mathilde from Belgium.

Early in the morning we were introduced to three wonderful outfit when Mary and Marie, along with their husband's and Queen Margrethe, attended the welcoming ceremony when the King and Queen of Belgium arrived to Denmark. At the evening event we saw even more magnificent outfit. Gala dinner means floor-length gowns and the finest jewellery -and that is what we got to see. Queen Mathilde was in a really beautiful (and brave) orange lace gown and Queen Margrethe in a turquoise lace gown. Meanwhile, Mary and Princess Marie were both dressed in golden evening gowns! The Crown Princess wore her golden dream made by Jesper Høvring, previously worn at the grand New Year banquet this year, here. Simply can't get enough of that dress. This time she has chosen to wear the stunning rudy parure from Queen Ingrid. She wore wore tiara, necklace, bracelet and that ring she later on have added to the parure. On the other arm, we have her golden Cartier bracelet. Well, I don't know what you have to say but I am impressed and a happy royalist!

Gown: Jesper Høvring
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet


  1. I love the coat! I like that it appears substantial and falls beautifully. I especially loved the 50's vibe of both outfits, Queen Mathilde' and the Crown Princess'.

    The Crown Princess definitely channeled Jackie O with the pill box style hat worn at the back of the head! In the photo, the hat appears to be more beige/white than grey: it is more in line with the color of her pumps.

    Finally, could the brooch worn by the Crown Princess be part of the hair ornament worn in Sweden last year or a separate item? They look the same or more precisely of the same design.



    1. As you; I am completely stunned by the Crown Princess' outfit as well as Queen Mathilde's outfit at the arrival. Both women look absolutely stunning in each their 50's inspired outfits. Think often Mathilde are forgotten for all her beautiful looks.

      The colour of the hat is really bothering me because in different pictures, its looks both grey and beige. Personally I would say it is light grey but I will leave it up to those who look at it :)

      Indeed, it is a possibility that the brooch has once been part of her hair accessory from the evening dinner in Sweden last year. And both are from the same collection called 'leaves'. Although I believe it's the first time Mary wear the piece as a brooch.

  2. I meant to comment on the Queen's gown but I forgot and so will add it here. Before the start of the visit I was looking at the Queen's gowns through the years and was literally drooling over the designs, fit, and especially the voluminous skirts which I love and, which she wears so well. I for a minute wondered if I would see a repeat of any of her gowns or whether she would delight us with a new one. Of course she went a different direct which was a lovely surprise. Needless to say, she looked smashing in her lace sheath gown. The sheath showed off her beautiful and enviable posture and statuesque figure. The pastel shade of the lace, a reminder of the season to come.



    1. The Queen has a very interesting wardrobe. Most of her evening gowns are reused a million times before and often her dresses are altered in some way. This means the Queen has her gowns for many years, one way or another. She really surprised my with this lace piece at the dinner, because she usually wear a bit more voluminous dresses as these events. But really, the Queen is in her best age and wear this dress beautifully! I'm simply amazed.

  3. Crown Princess Mary's hat is not a pillbox hat. Pillbox hats are round with straight sides and a flat top

    By definition, this hat is a casque style although some could also consider it a calot hat.

    1. I have to admit, my knowledge about different types of hats is relatively bad. Although I think Mary's hat are similar to a pillbox hat. But I see your point about the shape :)

  4. I am continually surprised that no one has picked up on the notion that Queen Margrethe's banquet dress is very similar to a dress Crown Princess Mary has worn multiple times.

    1. You are absolutely right! The Queen's evening gown has great resemblance to one of the Crown Princess' dresses. If I am right, this is the dress you have in mind :)