Women Deliver 2016: Reception at the Australian Embassy

Sunday, May 12th

Crown Princess Mary attended a reception on occasion of the Women Deliver 2016 conference hosted by Copenhagen this year, from May 16-19th, which took place at the Australian Embassy in Denmark.

Women Deliver 2016 Conference
Women Deliver is the largest conference in the world focusing on girls and women's health, rights, and well-being. In 2016, from May 16-19th, is the conference hosted by Denmark. With a focus on how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals and subjects as maternal and reproductive for girls and women, representatives from all over the world will be gathered in Denmark. Read more about the conference here


Women Deliver 2016: I think this is the biggest event Mary will attend this year, not to forget a conference she is chosen to be patron for. Soon she will be standing in front of 5,000 participants; international leaders, politicians, other royal family members etc. and official open the largest conference on rights, health, reproductive health and well-being for girls and women. Women Deliver is what everybody is talking about right now and have been since it was announced that Denmark would be the host country, from May 16-19th and take place in Copenhagen. As part of opening, Mary attended Sunday afternoon, as the guest of honor, at a reception at the Australian Ambassador's Residence for Australian delegates attending the Women Deliver conference, where she was warmly welcomed by Australian Ambassador of Denmark, Damien Miller and Natasha Stott Despoja, leader of the Australian Women Deliver delegation. It was a smily, relaxed and really joyful Crown Princess who arrived to the Australian Embassy with a huge smile on her face. Despite this wasn't the real conference taking place, I think this was a great way for Mary and everybody else to start off the Women Deliver 2016, a little more informal than the official opening on Monday May 16th. It was not a part of her official calendar but I really believe she enjoyed the afternoon with the rest of the Australian delegation.

Finally we get to see some colours; bright and fun colours which suits her so well! The last week we have had the most amazon weather in Denmark, great for dresses and pastel blouses. Something we saw at the 150th anniversary celebration of the Royal Danish Yacht Club a few days ago. At yesterday's reception we saw something completely else, an incredible bright blue jumpsuit from the latest collection of YDE Copenhagen (SS16). As a personal fan of jumpsuits, I'm thrilled to see her wear this one which more looks like a dress, a lovely and clever way to create a design! I want to thanks wonderful Pernille and Kate to share their findings on Mary's new jumpsuit with me. Thanks girls! The contrast of the bright blue jumpsuit and beige accessories is just as clever, really fashionable. A style hack we have seen before. I love it! She seems to fancy the beige Prada pointed pumps pretty much these days because she has been wearing them quite a lot the last month. Do you like them? I think they are a great match to the dress, especially with the beige belt featuring rivets. You recall when she wore it the first time? It was worn with her white JOSEPH dress and Christian Louboutin pumps when Frederik visited Germany last year. I never been able to identify it but I always had the idea that Valentino could be the creator. To keep it as simply and modern as the rest, she embrace the style with only a few jewelleries. A pair of reused golden earrings from Pureheart, two amazing rings (one diamond and one golden ring shaped as a leaf) by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and some kind of bracelet worn on her right wrist. Because the lack of pictures I can't tell which one, nor if it's new or old. It reminds me of a Anni Lu pearl bracelet but it's just a guess.

Jumpsuit: YDE Copenhagen Blue Jumpsuit
Earrings: Pureheart
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Allana Latte Beige Ostric Clutch
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Leaves Ring
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands


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    1. Her new jumpsuit is really incredible! ...and love the bright, eye catching colour ;)