Free of Bullying Launched in Nurseries and Daycares

Tuesdays, May 24th

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of the Mary Foundation's anti-bullying project Free of Bullying in nurseries and daycares. The launching happened in Vallensbæk Beach. 

The Mary Foundation and their Free of Bullying-project
Free of Bullying (Fri for Mobberi) was launched back in 2007, created by the Mary Foundation and Save the Children (Red Barnet). The projects results preventing bullying has also led to an international interested. Then in 2011 they launched the program internationally under the name Free of Bullying which have helped children in Greenland, Estonia and Island. Read more about Free of Bullying in Denmark and internationally

Like the Mary Foundation, and Mary herself, the Free of Bullying project has been a huge success both in Denmark and abroad. Till today the project was created to the children of the age of kindergarten and pre-school, now it was taken to the next level: nurseries and daycares a little younger audience than what it has previously been. Free of Bullying is developed in collaboration of the Mary Foundation and Save the Children (Red Barnet) which both were represented at the launching taking place in Vallensbæk municipality. As the first municipality in Denmark, so far, Vallensbæk use project in every day's. The sun was shining when Mary around noon arrived to the nursery Sydstjernen where she was welcomed like a Queen by lots of children, Secretary General of Save the Children Jonas Keiding Lindholm and Major Henrik Rasmussen. Inside Mary sat down on a pillow on the floor enjoying some time with all the lovely children who all seemed very interested in this strange new woman with the dark hair. Along with the kids she was singing, dancing and playing with some of the tools from the anti bullying program especially the little purple Free of Bullying-teddy bear was really popular. Mary played along and had a really good time I think interacting with the kids. To me it seems like the most incredible atmosphere. Mary is literally just sitting on the floor paying attention to the kids and nothing else. I imagine her as a mother just like this. The brilliant weather gave an opportunity for all of them to enjoy some time with the Crown Princess out site on the playground. Grounded as always I think it was a great day for everybody. She also paid a visit to the daycare Stien just across the street where she was one more time welcomed by lots of excited children who all wanted a glimpse of the Crown Princess.

Mary just keep surprising me. Over and over again I think we see some outfits that are stylish, innovative and of course extremely beautiful. I know I keep saying that ever time but it's really what gets to me every single time I see new pictures of her. As always she amazed me with today's outfit. Simple and gracefully. I know for sure this is an outfit I will try out with the pair of similar trousers I have in my own wardrobe. Because that was exactly what she wore; a pair of brand new trousers featuring a significant white pattern. My gut told me that is had to be from Julie Fagerholt Heartmade, so I began searching and suddenly they appeared on my screen in the exact same colour with the same pattern. Finally I was right about something. As easy as it was for me to made a guess about the trousers, as troubled have I been trying to figure out where the new white blazer is from. She has worn a white blazer before, here, but it accrue not to be the same. So girls, any ideas? I've tried Zara, Massimo Dutti, By Malene Birger and Ganni. Matching the pattern of her trousers and white blazer she wore a plane white blouse. Can't really tell anything about it. Shoes are much more interest. A a pair of navy blue suede wedges I believe is a reuse, here & here & here. I kinda love them pretty much. They are from L.K. Bennett. She added jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelery to sparkle on a sunny day.

Trousers: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Novo Navy
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Grand Pacific Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Shoes: L.K. Bennett Navy Blue Suede Wedge Shoes

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