Day 3: The Women Deliver Conference 2016

Tuesday, May 18th

Crown Prince Frederik accompanied Crown Princess Mary, who attended the 4th Women Deliver Conference 2016, herein Bella Centre, Copenhagen. 1 2 3 1

Crown Princess Mary attending the Women Deliver Conference 2016

Despite time a day the Crown Princess was ready to attend another more day with the Women Deliver Conference 2016 hosted by Denmark this year. It is something we have waited for the last year or so, and now the conference is soon over, but not quite yet. We still have one days left before it all ends.

The first two days have been great and maybe a little overwhelming to the Crown Princess, who is patron of the conference. It has been three busy days for her. She has attended numerous sessions, participated in workshops, spoken at all kinds of events and met a lot of people all representing each and their area. Along with the 5,500 participants, I think she has had some quite interesting days with lots of inspiration and new networks for future collaboration. It is a subject with so many different aspects, which requires both time and commitment to work with - something she certainly has done over the last 7 years in Denmark and abroad. She was, among others, recently in Burkina Faso, where she saw with her own eyes what she is fighting for: a world with more equality for girls and women. On this third day, she began her day already at 6:50 am. local time meeting with Amplify Change. From the moment she arrived, her day was packed with places to be and people to speak with. She also accompanied her husband when he, as IOC member, spoke at DIF/IOC side event such as they wrote a statement on 'Women Deliver for Good Signing Wall' together.

With yesterday's outfit I expected way more than what we got today. Not that I do not like her outfit because I really do, but yesterday's look was to me more than splendid. On the third day she was classy dressed in a combo we have seen a few times before, but it works really well with that white pleated blouse from Prada (found by Heaven) and paisley printed JOSEPH skirt. Gives me a happy feeling of summer, when she is wearing that skirt. She matched it with her beloved grey python pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Think it was one of her first pair of Gianvito Rossi shoes. I clearly remember, when I confused tried to identify them, which I actually did and from then we have seen her multiple times in these lovely pumps. Embracing a modern and polished style she had chosen some incredible pieces of jewellery; golden earrings from Dulong Fine Jewellery featuring a large white pearl, one of her diamond bracelets matching the rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and of course a bracelet from the same designer as the earrings. To keep track on time, Mary wore her expensive golden Cartier watch. What we now have left is the dazzling beige leather bag, which of course is one of her Prada bags. An energetic and polished look that works every single time.

Blouse: Prada Pleated Blouse
Skirt: JOSEPH Dean Skirt
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet
Watch: Cartier Tank Francaise 18K Yellow Gold
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Gray Python Skin Court Shoe

Crown Princess Mary attending a culture evening in Tivoli
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Around 7:00 o'clock, it was finally time for the Crown Princess to attend the days last event: a culture evening in Tivoli, Copenhagen. An event all 5,500 participants of the Women Deliver Conference 2016, were invited to attend. Despite she had been on the run all day long, she was in a brilliant mood.

The participants from 169 different countries all over the world, got the chance to see for themselves what a country Denmark is and meet some of the Danish organizations working to makes life better for girls and women. Among other, were KVINFO and the Mothers Help represented ready to tell all about their work. Along with Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen, the Crown Princess enjoyed one more evening meeting a lot of new people, even some she has met at a previous occasion in her everyday work. With this major event in Tivoli, ended a successful day for the Crown Princess. Only one more day left and everything she helped planning is (finally) over.

Unfortunately, we only have very few pictures from her last attendance in Tivoli, where she was present at the culture evening along with the 5,500 special invited participants of the conference. Luckily, I was able to find enough to get a glimpse of her outfit that I already have come to love. The reason is simple: because that checkered kimono is one amazing piece. She wore it for the first time, when she was interviewed in Berlingske, here, on violence against women. For a very long time I have had no clue where to find her blouse. Heaven then shared a model from Lanvin with me and I think she is on to something. The two models look more than similar. I am in no doubt sure that she's wearing a Lanvin blouse at the evening event in Tivoli.

She embraced the style  with a thin snakeskin belt from Balenciaga. The mix of two different patterns is a great idea. The way she belted the blouse is also very clever. Maybe it's worth a try? With loose hair and natural makeup she adore me with a pair of Jewlscph earrings and other jewellery from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and Dulong Fine Jewelry. I believe the pumps are from SAND Copenhagen, but really it's juts a guess. After all, she has many pairs of black pumps very similar to these. Do you see something I have forgotten?

Blouse: Lanvin Black Check Technical Satin Pussy-Bow Blouse
Belt: Balenciaga Snakeskin Skinny Belt
Earrings: Jewlscph Capella
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet

Possible identifications
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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