Mixed News

Last Thursday on May 12th, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary hosted a dinner for the international galley owners from Art Basel in Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg, in Copenhagen, here. Before the dinner, Frederik showed the special invited guests around and told all about the art work decorating the walls in Frederik VIII's Palace which were made when the palace was renovated. Mary was dressed beautifully in an emerald green Prada dress and nude pumps. As always, perfectly dressed!

About a week ago or so, appeared a new picture of Mary and the twins on Instagram or this is where I spotted it. Either is Mary taken the twins to or from daycare on the family's special bike, I would even tend to say it has become a characteristic for the Crown Prince Couple picking up their children from daycare on this bike. This time she was caught on camera with a happy smile on her face dressed casual in a striped blouse and slim black trousers. Her hair was loose and her eyes protected by classy black Prada shades. A lovely picture!

Recently Mary visited one of the world's poorest countries Burkina Faso along with Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen to see for herself what she has been working with over the last seven years: a world with more equality for girls and women. To follow her on this journey was for me very special, like something we had never seen before despite this is just one of many abroad visits. So when I discovered that a camera crew had followed her in Burkina Faso I was thrilled, no better way for her to tell all about her experiences. Then the day before yesterday Crown Princess Mary's Mission was broadcasted on Danish TV. Mary talks about her trip and why it's so important for her to continue fighting for gender equality. I would recommend you to watch the broadcast, I was moved by what I saw. I'm sure you will too.
Et billede slået op af royal women (@royaltywomen) den

According to Billed Bladet, here, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will attend the christening of Prince Oscar of Sweden on May 27th taking place in Stockholm. He is the second child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden. 

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