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It is no secret that the Crown Princess is very much committed to make the world a better place. She try to combat bullying, social isolation, fight for better living conditions for girls and women, gender equality, etc. That clearly shows, when yo look at the list of her patronages. She has truly dedicated her title and made it her liveswork to help, change and find new solutions to worldwide issues.

Crown Princess Mary has 33 patronages. They spand widely from culture to social work, sports and fashion. All foundations, associations and organizations that have the same agenda as herself: all lives matter.

Honorary memberships

The Crown Princess is member of honor in both Danish and foreign memberships:

She is danish honorary member in:

  • Aabenraa Golfklub
  • Foreningen til den ædle Hesteavls Fremme
  • Fredensborg Gold Club
  • Furesø Golfklub
  • Gråsten Rideklub of 2004
  • Kongelige Dansk Yachtklub
  • Københavns Golf Klub
  • Odsherred Golfklub
  • Fredensborg Tennis Klub
  • Kongelige Mayestaits Acteurs

Her foreign honorary memberships are:

  • Honorary Hans Christian Andersen Ambassador to Australia
  • Honorary Life Governor, The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
  • International Committee of Women Leaders for Mental Health
  • The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

Member of...

Committed to make the world a better place, Crown Princess Mary has earned other memberships in the international panel: High-Level Task Force for the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). It was in 2012 to 2016. She is also member of UN's Population Funds UNFPA's ICPD25 High Level Commission.

Crown Princess Mary is board member of Kongernes Samling as well. Kongernes Samling is a museum collection affiliated with the Royal House with a purpose to tell the Danish history illuminated by the kings.


In 2020, the Crown Princess was asked to become President of the WWF World Wild Fund for Nature.


In 2012, she was nominate by the World Economic Forum to receive Young Global Leaders.

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