Roundtable meeting with the Maternity Foundation and UNFPA

07 March 2023

Since 2008, Crown Princess Mary has been committed to combat maternal mortality. A couple of years later, she became patron of the Maternity Foundation. They work by the vision that "It should not cost life to give life".

Along with the Maternity Foundation, Crown Princess Mary has closely followed the global development - for better or worse.

On March 07, she participated a doubtable meeting with the Maternity Foundation and UNFPA. Representatives from both the public and private actors also participate the meeting. She was given an update and inside in the latest numbers on maternal mortality. The numbers have improved but far from enough.

The Crown Princess shared her thoughts on social media by saying that it is hard to understand that the number of maternal mortality are what they are because in many cases it can be prevented.

At the meeting, Mary had chosen a simple and causal outfit. She match a lovely dark blue turtleneck with black trousers. Somehow, I think she has worn the turtleneck before but at the moment I can't remember when. 

I really like that she added a light colored Etro belt. Makes the outfit really eye-catching. Mary also embraced the look with some golden bracelets and her beloved Gucci glasses.

If she was wearing black suede boots or pumps are impossible to say. My guess with be ankle boots. The weather in Denmark is all about spring, summer, fall and winter at the same time.


Glasses ● Gucci, here

Belt ● Etro, here

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